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Best Earthing Sheets

May 25, 2022 By Mark Hansen

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I am a total fanboy for grounding sheets. I want to get that out of the way first.

I tried it for a few weeks and I am fully converted. 

There’s some Pavlovian bliss to it at this point. I know I’m going to sleep so comfortably and deeply that I’ll drool all over the pillow…

So when I lay down at night I curl up in cozy anticipation…and it’s all because of the grounding sheets. 

There are lots of options though, and the differences are hardly limited to thread count. Grounding products can come in a wide variety of forms. 

We’ve tried them all, and we’ll give you the skinny on which are the best for different situations and applications. 

Let’s get wrapped up in the six best grounding sheets.


The 6 Best Grounding Sheets

Product ImageProduct nameFeaturesPrice
Earthing Elite Sleep Mat KitCarbon material is easy to clean
Can be used under fitted sheets or on top
Easy to transport
GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding SheetMade from organic cotton and silver
Queen and King sizes
13-foot grounding cord for flexible placement
BioEnergy Fitted Grounding SheetMade from cotton and silver
Cotton sides
GroundLuxe Gray Grounding SheetRefreshingly modern color option
Queen or King sizes
Organic cotton
Tbrand Earthing Bed SheetComes with two pillowcases
Natural cotton fibers
Silver for grounding
Earthing Throw Kit by Earthing44 x 68 inch size
Includes an outlet safety adapter
The best choice for binge-watching streaming shows



Best for One Person

The Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit by Earthing is our pick for the best earthing sheet for just one person, or for a twin bed.

You can either install this grounding sheet lengthwise on the bed to give one person the maximum contact with grounding, or you can install it across the width of the bed to give two people some contact with the grounding sheet.

So it’s usable for two people but the contact area isn’t as broad or certain as the other options farther down the list.

This sheet is also easy to install, remove, and clean. These are all key advantages for a single person using a grounding sheet.

The sheet is small which means you can even pack it up and take it with you the next time you travel. Here are the key takeaways about this sheet:

  • Includes a safety adapter for US electrical sockets
  • Can be oriented horizontally (for a half sheet option) or vertically on the bed
  • Carbon material is easy to clean
  • Can be used under fitted sheets or on top
  • Easy to transport



Best for Two People

Are you looking to make sure two people stay connected to the natural currents of the Earth? The GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding Sheet is the best choice for couples.

GroundLuxe as a company has been around for a while, with a focus on comfort and value.

This top grounding sheet takes a more conventional approach to its materials. Rather than using carbon, it uses organic cotton with silver threads woven in a pattern to produce silver gridding that guarantees consistent contact and conductivity.

Silver thread has highly conductive properties that give it optimal effectiveness for grounding.

This earthing sheet also comes in Queen and King sizes. This makes it an ideal choice for a couple looking to get a full night’s earthing, but who don’t want to fuss around with specialty flat sheets.

This grounding sheet fits your mattress just like your standard fitted sheet. Here are the big advantages of these grounding bed sheets:

  • Made from organic cotton and silver
  • Queen and King sizes
  • 13-foot grounding cord for flexible placement
  • 400 thread count sheets feel luxurious
  • Rave reviews from satisfied customers


Why Choose Fitted Earthing Sheets?

There are many types of earthing sheets to choose from on the market today. You can get earthing pillow cases, mattress pads, blankets and more. Our top recommendation for larger beds is to use a fitted earthing sheet and here are the reasons why:

  • Fitted sheets stay put – In our testing, other sheet types, especially half-sheets, tend to end up as a wad at the bottom of the bed. They don’t stay in place and in contact with you.
  • They are always in contact with you during the night – Even larger flat sheets can get thrown off you or get wadded up over night causing a disconnect, the fitted sheet is always in contact.
  • They aren’t visible when the bed is made – This is just aesthetic, but when the bed is made you can’t see the fitted sheet. Often it won’t exactly match the color of your other sheets so this is preferable.


Best Budget Grounding Sheets

The BioEnergy fitted sheet is the best choice for people who want to get grounded on a budget and are willing to make a couple minor compromises.

The sheet is similar to some higher budget options on this list. BioEnergy has a very broad product catalog, with a grounding product for nearly any use including home office, children and even pets.

BioEnergy Warning Insert

The compromises are just that the sheet is thinner than other options so it may not be quite as durable, and it has cotton sides with no conductive material.

That latter one isn’t a big deal because you don’t sleep on the sides of the sheet.

They are somewhat less expensive though and they have a good warranty from an established manufacturer.

    • Made from cotton and silver
    • Broad array of other grounding products
    • Affordable


Best If You Need a Dark Color

Now let’s change things up. This dark gray grounding sheet from GroundLuxe takes a new approach to style.

Most grounding sheets go for a natural, cotton-colored look, but this brand has a different aesthetic. If you want a product that doesn’t look like a grounding sheet, this is the one for you. The darker color also makes the silver fiber blend in so it’s harder to see. GroundLuxe Gray Grounding Sheet

We discuss this more in our buyer’s guide, but style is important when it comes to earthing sheets. If you love the way your sheets look, you’re going to use them more often. Owning and using grounding sheets shouldn’t feel like a burden. This also applies to style.

You get all the great benefits of the GroundLuxe brand mentioned above, just in a less traditional and more modern style. 

These grounding sheets aren’t all about their looks. They also feature several size options, cotton and silver construction, and an extra-long 15-foot grounding cable.

      • Refreshingly modern color option
      • Queen & King sizes
      • Organic cotton


Want to Plug Directly into the Ground?

The standard outlet plug is the most convenient for most people. However, if you don’t trust that your outlet is properly grounded or just prefer not to use your home’s electrical system, you CAN also plug directly into the earth outside for the same effect.

GroundLuxe makes a grounding stake with an adaptor that you can use with any grounding product. It has a 40-foot cord that should reach the ground outside from almost any positioning in the bedroom.




Best If You Insist on a Flat Sheet

The Tbrand Earthing Bed Sheet is the best choice if you’re looking for a flat sheet or top sheet to go over fitted bedding sheets.

I think there are specific benefits to using a fitted grounding sheet, as detailed above.

However, there are reasons for just wanting a flat sheet, or for wanting one in addition to the fitted sheet.

You can curl up with this sheet atop a fitted sheet to get maximum skin contact for optimal grounding.

You can even use this flat sheet in different situations. If you want to curl up on the couch and watch your favorite show, a flat sheet is a much better alternative than a fitted sheet. These also make a great choice for traveling because they fold up neatly.

  • Comes with two pillowcases
  • Natural cotton fibers
  • Silver for grounding
  • Comes in beige, off white, and pure white


Best For Lounging and Watching TV

Want a grounding sheet that is perfect for your next Netflix binge? The Earthing Throw Kit by Earthing is a throw blanket that doubles as your next go-to choice for grounding. It’s like a snuggy, only better for your health and way less stupid looking.

Most options for an earthing sheet are based on being in bed, but what if you want to stay grounded while relaxing in other parts of your home?

This grounding blanket lets you have all of the benefits of grounding while being able to switch up what room you are in. This is the most portable option out of all of the grounding sheets on our list. It also looks like an unassuming throw which only adds to its style.

Here are some key takeaways about this blanket:

  • 44 x 68 inch size
  • Includes an outlet safety adapter
  • The best choice for binge-watching streaming shows


How To Buy The Right Grounding Sheets for YOU

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Health Benefits What to Look ForHow to Use How Do They Work? How to Test Them What to Know How to Care for Them Will the Effects Be Immediate? Can You Plug into a Surge Protector?

It can be hard to pick the right grounding sheets for you. Here’s all of the insider information you need to find grounding that sheets that actually work.

There are a few things you should look for in any good grounding sheet.

An earthing sheet should be made of a comfortable and breathable fabric. A grounding sheet made out of cotton is going to be ideal. If a grounding sheet isn’t comfortable, you’re not going to be able to use it as regularly as you need to.

The next thing to consider is the grounding itself. The sheet should come with a cord that is long enough to reach the outlet you want to plug it into. Grounding sheets are typically grounded using a thin silver wire woven throughout the fabric, usually in a grid pattern. This wire should not make using the sheet uncomfortable though.

You should also consider your style. You want to find an earthing sheet that you’re happy to use on every occasion.

Health Benefits

There are many health benefits associated with the practice of grounding and by extension, earthing sheets.

There is some research that connects grounding with some health improvements. These are most associated with lowering inflammation. 

However, grounding has been reported to improve anxiety, stress levels, and even pain. There are individuals who swear by grounding as a way to improve their skin and even blood-related health issues.

Studies have shown that grounding helps improve your blood’s zeta potential and the energy transfer between red blood cells. Studies have shown that this process begins after being grounded for 80 minutes, which is easiest to achieve by using earthing sheets.

Further studies from the Journal of Environmental and Public Health suggest that the Earth’s negative charge can lead to a stable internal bioelectrical environment.

The study also indicated that grounding could help reset the body’s biological clocks regulating diurnal body rhythms, including cortisol secretion. Simply put, grounding and sleeping go hand-in-hand.

Another study indicated that 11 out of 12 people studied fell asleep faster when grounded. Over 75% of participants woke up more refreshed and had more energy, in addition to having less anxiety, depression, irritability, and emotional stress.

An extensive summary of the research on earthing found evidence that earthing may have a variety of positive effects:

  • Reduces time to fall asleep
  • Increases quality of sleep
  • Reduces chronic pain
  • Decreases morning fatigue
  • Increases energy level during the day
  • Reduces stress levels
  • Reduces inflammatory response
  • Increased immune response
  • Improves glucose regulation
  • Reduces primary indicators of osteoporosis


What To Look For

You want to find grounding sheets that not only keep you connected with the Earth’s natural currents, but you also want to find earthing sheets that are made to a high standard.

You should look for the best material first. Organic cotton, silver wire, and solid construction make up the base of any quality grounding sheet. These should be on the top of your “must-haves” list when shopping for new grounding sheets.

Another thing people often overlook is the length of the cord. It should be able to easily reach your plug with some slack left over. A grounding sheet is no good if you can’t plug it in. You also don’t want that plug falling out at night or creating a tripping hazard by being too short


How to Use Earthing Sheets

This is really easy.

All you need to do is make sure your bare skin is touching the grounding sheet and that the grounding sheet is connected to the Earth. 

This connection can be made by plugging your sheet into the ground in an electrical socket or by connecting the grounding wire to a spike that is installed directly in the ground outside (this set up isn’t usually included with grounding products).

Once you’re all set up, you just need to make sure that your skin is in contact with the blanket. You can do this overnight as you sleep or just for a few hours a day as you read a book.

How Do They Work?

Here’s the big controversy with grounding sheets and earthing in general. Do they really work?

As you move throughout the day, your body builds up a slight positive charge. The earth itself has a slight negative charge that creates a balance. Coming into direct contact with the earth transfers electrons to your body, balancing out the charge in your body.

Electrons neutralize free radicals. A free radical can be defined as any molecular species capable of independent existence that contains an unpaired electron in an atomic orbital. Many radicals are unstable and highly reactive. They can either donate an electron to or accept an electron from other molecules.

Oxidative stress arises as a result of an imbalance between free radical production and antioxidant defenses and is associated with damage to a wide range of molecular species including lipids, proteins, and nucleic acids. An excess of oxidative stress can lead to the oxidation of lipids and proteins, which is associated with changes in their structure and functions.

Oxidative stress can create chronic inflammation, illness and immune diseases have all increased dramatically in recent decades as humans have become more detached from direct contact with the earth.

Well, there is scientific research that suggests that grounding is beneficial to your health. Even more, research connects grounding with health improvements for inflammation, cortisol secretion, and wound healing. 

So, it turns out that grounding does have real-world health benefits. However, it’s important to note that no one should be claiming that grounding can cure everything. The benefits are thought to come from a process of restoring electrical balance to the body. 

The concept is similar to EMF avoidance. Grounding products don’t help you avoid EMFs though, they help you release the positive ions that build up in your system and create oxidative stress. Oxidation is caused by free radicals in the body, and grounding is thought to reduce this effect. 

You can consider grounding a great way to boost your overall health! (Even the science seems to agree!)

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How Do I Test Whether They Work?

You use a multimeter, here’s how you do it.

What You Need To Know About Using Grounding Sheets

There’s one big warning that comes with grounding bed linen and even a grounding mat or earthing mat.

If your model of grounding sheet plugs into the socket in your wall, you should have an electrician check that your ground is secure. You can also do this yourself with an outlet tester, which is far cheaper.

You should also never plug your grounding sheet into any other socket besides the ground. Because the plug and socket are different shapes, this would be incredibly difficult to screw up, but it’s worth saying.

Care Instructions

You generally want to treat them gently. Don’t use bleach or harsh detergents on them, even to remove stains. You should also avoid fabric softeners, the use of night creams, lotions, and any other type of product that could create a build-up of residue, as this will cause problems over time and reduce the effectiveness of the sheets by blocking the flow of energy. 

Follow the instructions on the product you purchase, but it doesn’t hurt to use a gentle wash cycle on your washing machine and a lower heat setting on your dryer. Using white vinegar as a detergent is a gentle and eco-friendly option.

Will the Effects of Grounding Be Immediate?

According to, you may feel different when you first start sleeping with grounding sheets. Some users experience signs, pains, and aches typically associated with the flu. However, in most cases this discomfort is temporary. It’s believed that these symptoms are associated with your body resetting its electrical system.

Over time, those who use grounding sheets find that they are getting a better night’s sleep, and are waking up more energized. If you experience pain when you first start sleeping on grounding sheets, take the sheets off and sleep without them for a few days. When you put them on again, begin with a shorter exposure. Gradually increase your exposure to the sheets until you feel more comfortable sleeping on them.

Can You Plug them into a Power Strip or Surge Protector?

Another question we often get is whether you can plug the grounding sheets into the grounding port of a surge protecting power strip, or simply to an extension cord. In both cases the answer is “yes.” 

As long as you’re tapping into some kind of ground, giving the energy some path out to the ground along a conductive metal wire, it should work exactly the same. Whether you have a heavy duty power strip or a relatively thin ground wire from the grounding sheet, it should all work the same. 

You can of course test your ground with a multimeter or an outlet tester and that is strongly recommended. 

Final Thoughts on Earthing Sheets

The GroundLuxe Organic Cotton Fitted Grounding Sheet is our overall pick for the best earthing sheet. It offers you 100% skin-to-ground surface contact, it’s made out of durable and easy-to-clean materials, and it works very well (it’s the one I use nightly).

The Earthing Elite Sleep Mat and the BioEnergy sheet are a couple solid runner-up choices. They each excel in their specific ways which makes them great picks for people looking for something a little more specialized. Remember that the best earthing sheets are the ones that you want to use the most.

Which of our recommended bedding options was the right one for you?


The 6 Top Recommendations


Product ImageProduct nameFeaturesPrice
Earthing Elite Sleep Mat KitCarbon material is easy to clean
Can be used under fitted sheets or on top
Easy to transport
GroundLuxe Organic Fitted Grounding SheetMade from organic cotton and silver
Queen and King sizes
13-foot grounding cord for flexible placement
BioEnergy Fitted Grounding SheetMade from cotton and silver
Cotton sides
GroundLuxe Gray Grounding SheetRefreshingly modern color option
Queen or King sizes
Organic cotton
Tbrand Earthing Bed SheetComes with two pillowcases
Natural cotton fibers
Silver for grounding
Earthing Throw Kit by Earthing44 x 68 inch size
Includes an outlet safety adapter
The best choice for binge-watching streaming shows