Grounding Mattress Pads: How to Choose the Best One for You

best grounding mattress pads

May 24, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Grounding materials are growing in popularity quickly. They are designed to help people who are unable to get outside and spend time on the earth as we were designed to do.

There are earthing sheets, mats, pillow cases, and even shoes, so you can find what works for you.

If you’ve decided to go with a mattress pad, but aren’t sure where to start, keep reading to learn more about our top recommendations.

We also provide more about grounding and everything, in case you are still a little confused.


Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Earthing Elite Mattress Cover KitMade from durable materials
Easy to put on your mattress
Smooth for easy cleaning
Vida Industries Grounding Mat Earthing PadBreathable
Straps are sturdy to keep the mat in place all night
Comes with an outlet checker
Bio-Energy Products Grounding Half-Sheets – Universal SizeSmall and portable
Easy to use and set up
Universal sizing
EarthingLife Grounding Mattress PadComes in twin, twin XL, full, double, and crib size
Highly conductive
Easy-to-clean material
Earthing Elite Sleep Mat KitEasy to wipe down
Safe for consumers
Thin and soft material


Top Choices for Mattress Pads

Here are some of the best grounding mattress pads we found:


Our Top Overall Pick

Earthing Elite Mattress Cover Kit


Key Features

  • Includes a mattress cover, a coil cord, an outlet checker, and a safety adapter
  • If you get the split king set, you get two twin XL mattress covers, 2 black coil cords, an outlet checker, and a safety adapter
  • Has a variety of sizes: king-size, California king (Cal king), split king, queen size, full twin XL, twin size


  • Made from durable materials
  • Easy to put on your mattress
  • Smooth for easy cleaning
  • Sanitary and hypoallergenic


    • Coiled cords may not work for everyone
    • If you get a lot of products from the same company, you may get a lot of outlet checkers and adapters




The Earthing brand mattress cover kit makes it to the top of our list. Experience Clint Ober’s vision for natural human healing thanks to the power of the earth in today’s modern world of TV, video games, and other electromagnetic pollution.

The content in the Elite Mattress Cover starter kit includes everything you need to get grounded quickly, with cable, a wall outlet tester, and a safety adapter being provided as accessories to the mattress cover itself.

Earthing products provide yet another option for grounding. The polyurethane resin (PU resin) is softer than traditional fiber threads that make contact with the skin and the carbon pigment infused into the foam promotes connectivity between the human body and the flow of earth ions.

These ions are the main reason for a grounding mat’s healing properties but still just one portion of everything that can help you sleep and feel better.

By grounding yourself with these grounding mats and other platforms, your body becomes in sync with the earth’s natural flow of energy, which sleepers can take full advantage of.

After a few weeks of consistent use, your body’s state, like your body weight, will begin to improve. Even minor things that don’t pose a problem for yourself but for others, snoring for example, can be remedied with grounding mats like the Earthing Elite Mattress Cover.


The Runner-Up

Vida Industries Grounding Mat Earthing Pad


Key Features

  • Comes in two sizes: twin or full mattress
  • Made from breathable leatherette
  • Specially designed for healing


  • Breathable
  • Straps are sturdy to keep the mat in place all night
  • Comes with an outlet checker
  • High-quality materials


  • No size options for bigger beds





Science and technology have brought us a lot of good but also a lot of harm. Connecting to the earth’s current to reduce stress and inflammation while improving your immune system and blood flow has never been easier.

Use modern electricity supplies and notice a difference within just a few weeks, no matter how far you are from the ground! The 100% conductive carbon leatherette of the sheet is breathable and comfy.

In addition, the included straps make sure that the large surface area of the sheet doesn’t shift during your sleep, so that you can have relief from your chronic pain.

The manufacturer makes sure that the assembly fits the length of any full-size and twin-size bed. Since this is more of a mat, you can still use two of any of these pads to fit them on a king or queen mattress.

Or, if the person you share a bed with isn’t ready to try grounding yet, you can just put it on your side and get the benefits! Amazon earthing and grounding mats as well as other products like grounding cords, grounding patches, and mattress protectors are often the cheapest form of therapy for the people that need it the most.

When your wellness is in danger of harm, from illness or other sources, you cannot measure the value of grounding yourself for prevention and treatment in stars or in money.

If you’re not completely satisfied with your new item, you can always go to the support page to ask about returns and get a refund.


The Budget Option

Bio-Energy Products Grounding Half-Sheets


Key Features

  • Small and portable
  • Easy to use and set up
  • Universal sizing
  • Good for 1 to 2 years easily


  • Can take anywhere
  • Cotton for soft, breathable fabric that feels like normal sheets
  • Focuses on your feet, which are the most important area to receive grounding


  • Only a half sheet, in case you want something more
  • Doesn’t have color options to match your bedding




If your office job has you sleeping at desks more often than in beds when you’re traveling for work, you need better sleep which can be provided by the conductive silver wires of this extremely portable earthing mat for your well-being.

This amazing development in grounding allows for so much versatility that you can even bring your personal mattress protector and grounding pillowcase with you on vacation.

Skin contact with fabrics containing 100% cotton and silver threading has many health improvements when connected to a socket through the grounding cable power cord, including reduced cortisol levels, increased immunity, and EMF protection.

An extension cord makes for an even better link to the outside elements while still allowing you to have all the uses and purposes of the grounding sheet attached to your bed wherever you are.

Go straight to the source for more information about the healing properties of this groundbreaking discovery instead of sites like Amazon which can be full of phony star ratings and inaccurate customer reviews.

The rhythms and frequencies of you and your family’s bodies are better feedback, so you can live as our ancestors did with the help of these sleep products.


Good Option for Twin Beds

EarthingLife Grounding Mattress Pad


Key Features

  • Comes in twin, twin XL, full, double, and crib size
  • Highly conductive
  • Easy-to-clean material
  • Long grounding cord


  • Breathable holes
  • Elastic straps to keep the mat in place on the bed
  • Very different sides to the mat, so you know which side goes up


  • Hard to get in touch with
  • Texture isn’t very comfortable
  • Can’t be machine washed




Not to be confused with the Earthing Elite Mattress Starter kit from earlier, the goal of the EarthingLife Grounding Mattress Pad is to provide many of the same benefits as a cheaper alternative of high quality.

When you’ve had plenty of trouble at your work desk, simply connect to a grounding port with the supplied wire and experience how an earthing mat improves sleep.

This grounding mat’s answer to connecting you back to the natural healing powers of Mother Gaia is a conductive polyurethane (PU) carbon leather-like surface instead of complex silver stitching.

No need to worry about which detergents or wash cycle to use, this mat is easy to clean across all areas with just a simple wipe down that hands and non-bleach cleaners can provide.

There are a couple of size variations to meet your every need, including sizes for your little one that fits right inside the crib! Customer service can help point you in the right direction for your size needs if you’re unsure, and shipping is provided by the manufacturer itself to any country, not just the United States and Canada!


Upgrade Option for Twin Beds

Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit


Key Features

  • Comes with a sleeping mat, earthing cord, outlet checker, and safety adapter (U.S.)
  • Make improvements to provide the most comfortable materials
  • Hypoallergenic


  • Works best with direct skin, but also works with naturally fitted sheets above it
  • No perforations, so it is easy to wipe down
  • Made from fake leather that is safe for consumers
  • Thin and soft material so you can sleep in comfort


  • Coiled cord can make it hard to place it somewhere it isn’t in the way
  • Material isn’t super breathable, especially on hotter days




When it comes to testing the safety of your grounding mat connecting you to mother earth, a socket tester provides users with peace of mind. The included socket tester in this kit will do just that and so much more thanks to its low price.

Got a problem with your blood viscosity or weight? This product is just the thing for you! From back pain and tension in the shoulders or hips to side sleepers and customers that struggle with finding the right temperature range, the design and shape of this grounding mat allow for efficient heat movement for improved cooling and healing of a variety of health issues.

No need to worry about thread count or fabric softeners, allergic reactions to cotton fabric or care instructions with this under your bedsheets.

If you feel the need, simply wipe its smooth surface down to clean. Durability and firmness are not an issue, but if they were, you could rest assured knowing that all of Earthing’s products are covered by a 1-year manufacturer warranty all at affordability available to all.


What is Grounding?

Grounding is based on the theory that people need to spend time every day outside to get proper rest and feel that connection to the soil. It has benefits for many ailments. It has been claimed to be the most important health discovery since we started to step away from our environment. 

Some ways include:

  • Increased sleep quality
  • Better blood circulation and blood pressure
  • Pain relief
  • Better health
  • Reduced anxiety and stress
  • Comfort
  • And other health benefits

Many studies by experts have shown that these mats are especially effective for chronic fatigue syndrome. After setting up tests and running an analysis, they found that the grounding process has shown to be a benefit and causes positive changes to the body.

Many pads include silver thread and conductive carbon, which helps to increase the conductivity and effectiveness of the mat. The purpose of silver is to help transfer electrons into your body that help with pain and inflammation. As the name suggests, the purpose of a grounding sheet (also known as an earthing sheet) or mat is to help ground you. Research has shown that people feel better when they can stick their toes into the earth. 

However, nowadays it is hard to find that balance between work and being able to go spend time outdoors (It isn’t acceptable to go to the market or make sales without shoes, unfortunately). When that isn’t possible, you can still take care of your health and needs by making the choice to use a grounding mattress pad. This is a way to get connected to the ground and back to nature when you just can’t get out there yourself. 

Everyone knows that they need water, but doesn’t realize that their games and times outdoors are just as important as their health. People need to be outside to keep their life and health in order. These fit in any household.

These can be used as their mattresses or placed on top of a bed. If you don’t like the texture or prefer to feel your own sheets, you can layer a cotton sheet on top of them while still receiving the benefits of the mats, pillows, or grounding sheets. 

These sorts of products are also supposedly made to help protect the electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in the air. These waves and fields are all around us now, thanks to our modern technological devices. Wi-fi, phones, even a computer, and more electronics negatively affect our health and increase illnesses. 

To increase the longevity of your mat, use diluted bleach or a gentle detergent to clean. Since the silver fibers can be easily corroded as they are metal, it is important not to use items like lotions or night creams before getting on the mat, or you may damage it.

Whether you use a pillow, sleep mat kit or a mattress cover, you will find that your questions fade away from the sheer fact that you can feel the process working. No matter what result you get, you can count on this product benefiting you in some way (Maybe your husband stops snoring!).



We found the mats to be our favorite out of all the mattress pads we tried. This was mostly because of the safety features included. For some of the other mats, we had to purchase additional components just to see if we were using a safely grounded outlet. 

As we are living in an older house where things aren’t always done correctly, having that additional safety check for my plugs is so important.

However, all of these mats are good and have certain features that make them more appealing than others. Whichever you pick, make sure you get it soon, so you can start feeling the healing effects!

If these don’t work for you, remember there are pillowcases and sheets for any bed size, so you can find something that fits your lifestyle. You can be healed at bedtime, and feel ready to spend time with your family in the morning.

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