6 of the Best Grounding Shoes You Can Buy

September 2, 2021 By Mark Hansen

Being one with nature appears to have health benefits, such as better immune function, less risk of certain diseases, and less anxiety.

However, with the hectic lives most people live, walking barefoot and connecting with nature isn’t always possible and definitely isn’t done nearly as frequently as it should be.

Grounding shoes, also known as earthing shoes, can make this possible, and certain ones are a cut above the rest.

Top Choices for Grounding Shoes

Here are some of the best grounding shoes we found:

1. Best for Winter Wear:

Bastien Industries Women’s Moose Hide Leather Moccasins


  • Genuine leather soles
  • Authentic moose hide composition
  • Soft


  • Too hot for summer use
  • May not be true to fit

Q: Are leather-soled shoes good for grounding?
A: Yes. While they aren’t designed with grounding in mind, your feet perspire and that perspiration soaks into the leather, creating conductivity to the ground. This of course works better in warm weather than cold weather. 

2. Best for Active Individuals:

Harmony 783 Gray Wool Jogger


  • Designed for running
  • Uses GroundWorksTM technology
  • Silver-stitched lasting border layer
  • Bio-friendly algae-based midsole
  • Trampoline heel


  • Somewhat dull appearance (tastes may vary)
  • Not the cheapest option


3. Best for Summer Wear:

Biotime Emily Sandals for Earthing


  • Copper plug
  • Genuine leather
  • EVA outsole
  • Adjustable buckle


  • Not for winter wear
  • Not for people with wide feet
  • Aren’t comfortable enough for extended wear


4. Best Value:

Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin


  • Leather sole
  • Genuine cow suede leather
  • Classic moccasin design
  • Available in half sizes
  • Unique glass bead detail


  • Sizing may not be accurate
  • Leather is stiff



5. Best Comfort:

Earth Runners Lifestyle Sandals


  • Orthopedic design
  • Stainless steel lined laces
  • Copper ground plug
  • Vibramยฎ Gumlite Outsole
  • Organic dye


  • May slide on your feet
  • Sizing not true to fit



6. Best for Style:

Harmony 783 Giraffe Print Suede Walker


  • Uses GroundWorksTM technology
  • Silver-stitched lasting border layer
  • Bio-friendly algae-based
  • Carbon and rubber connective outsole
  • Silver-stitched lasting border layer


  • Difficult to match with your outfit
  • May not be suitable for certain events



How to Choose Grounding Shoes

Before purchasing grounding shoes, you should understand what makes a grounding shoe a grounding shoe. You should also know the benefits.

By thoroughly understanding grounding shoes, you can decide if this type of shoe is right for you and have the knowledge to find one most suited for your needs. 

How Do Grounding Shoes Work?

Grounding shoes are a unique shoe that helps you get as close to the Earth as possible without going barefoot. The Earth’s surface consists of electrons — subatomic, negatively charged particles. 

Your body, on the other hand, has free radicals throughout it. These molecules are highly reactive and unstable as a result of a missing electron.

As you’re exposed to environmental toxins, such as cigarette smoke, ultraviolet light, X-rays, chemicals, and air pollutants. Cellular damage occurs and causes instability on an atomic level within your cells, resulting in free radicals. 

As free radicals accumulate in your system, they harm you overall and increase your risk of health issues. 

With grounding, your feet come in contact with the Earth’s electric field. The electrons on the Earth’s surface may travel through the shoe because they are conductive like copper. 

The free radicals in your system may gain the electron they’re missing through this process. The decrease in free radicals in your system leads to less risk of illness and disease, in addition to better overall health. 

What Are the Health Benefits of Grounding Shoes?

Your body has fewer free radicals because of grounding. Therefore, your risk of certain types of cancer may be reduced. The free radicals damage your cells, which in return harms your DNA

Some of your cells can then mutate and become cancerous cells. When you’re grounded, the free radicals find their missing electrons. Then, they’re no longer damaging to your DNA. 

The free radicals also take a toll on your heart by continuously damaging the cells, causing an increased risk of heart disease. Fewer free radicals mean less damage to your heart and a decreased risk of heart disease.

Additionally, earthing shoes may have an impact on skin aging. The sun’s UV rays cause free radical damage, which harms your skin’s cells. The elastin in your skin then gradually breaks down. Your skin becomes less able to stretch and may sag.

You’ll notice this through the development of wrinkles. With grounding, the damage from the sun is lessened by the antioxidant effects of earthing shoes. Therefore, you may have fewer wrinkles, and your skin may better maintain its elasticity. 

Grounding has an effect on inflammation within the body. The free radicals cause an increase in both acute and chronic inflammation. This inflammation is an underlying cause of a variety of chronic health conditions.

Other possible benefits of grounding shoes include the following:

How Do You Choose the Right Grounding Shoe?

The higher-priced shoes aren’t necessarily the most effective. Likewise, inexpensive shoes aren’t necessarily the least effective. 

You should take into consideration when you’ll wear them. Do you need a pair for running, playing sports, or walking? Are you an active person? A grounded tennis shoe may be the shoe most suited for you. 

On the other hand, if you plan on wear your shoes to work every day, you’ll want a style that works with your workplace’s dress code. Maybe you need a shoe to wear when you go grocery shopping and running other errands. In this case, you’ll want to focus more on the style of shoe and its comfort level. 

Another consideration is the sizing. You may find the shoes uncomfortable if you’re in a half size and need to go up a size. However, certain options give you the ability to choose half sizes that’ll fit your foot more comfortably. 

While style shouldn’t the main deciding factor, you want a pair of shoes that you like. You’ll be more likely to wear them regularly if you feel comfortable with their appearance. 

Additionally, you should consider the type of support the shoe has. If you have orthopedic issues or foot problems, you need a shoe that’s designed to fit the shape of your foot. 

You need support for the soles of your feet. Flat sandals wouldn’t be a good option, for instance, if you have plantar fasciitis. You’d want to choose a running shoe or support pair of sandals. 

When you’re shopping for this type of shoe, keep in mind when you’ll wear them. To get the most benefit out of them, you’ll want to use them when you’re outside the most — winter or summer.

Finally, pricing needs to be considered. Determine what type of budget you have and how much you’re willing to spend. You can buy lower-priced options as well as ones that cost over $100 and are more similar to a normal pair of shoes. 

It’s also worth noting that shoes aren’t the only way to ground yourself. We have full reviews on grounding mats and grounding sheets that will also serve the same purpose in other ways. 

The Best Grounding Shoe Winners  

After a careful comparison of products, the Harmony 783 Gray Wool Jogger reigns supreme.

These shoes are suitable for active wearers but are comfortable enough for everyday use. They use a specialized technology known as GroundWorksTM technology, which allows electrons to flow freely through the use of silver.

The trampoline heel gives cushioning and support. Moreover, these shoes fulfill all the requirements you would look for in a grounding shoe.

Due to their comfort, support, and optimal level of conductivity, Earth Runners Lifestyle Sandals and Minnetonka Women’s Thunderbird Softsole Moccasin are close second choices.

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