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Best Grounding Mats of 2021

Best Earthing Mats

July 10, 2021 By Mark Hansen

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My first couple purchases of earthing products on Amazon were what I’d describe as “trinkets.” 

They were cheap gimmicks that didn’t do the real job. 

There is legitimate science behind grounding; it can provide health benefits…but only if your grounding device works. 

The problem is that unless you are pretty familiar with how to use a multimeter properly, you’ll never know if your device works. 

That’s where we come in. At 40Winks we’ve tested and used many grounding/earthing products and we can tell the solid products from the trinkets. 

Below are our recommendations for the best grounding mats for different use cases. 

Grounding Mat Product Reviews

We will be quickly covering all of the top grounding mat options below. We did extensive research on these to find what we think are the best options available in each category.

As you’ll see, there are many ways you can use an earthing mat in your home. Now let’s get started…

1. Earthing Universal Mat: Best for the Home Office and Overall


  • Flexibility – Can be installed on desks, as a floor mat and other locations as needed
  • Durability – Sturdy grounding port and quality materials
  • International use – Comes with an adaptor for countries with a two-prong plug
  • Top brand – Backed by one of the oldest names in grounding gear


  • Not the right material for bedding, so you’d still need grounding sheets
  • Could be too long for some smaller desks

Do you want to reduce pain or manage inflammation at work? Then using this portable mat at the (home?) office would be a great idea. You can easily set it up on the floor beneath your desk. If you do, most people would never notice it. 

Once you have it set up, you simply place your bare feet on the mat. From there, the grounding effects of the mat will balance out the positive charge in your body.

The Earthing brand has been around for a long time and sells high quality products. They are dedicated to improving your well being and their products offer many benefits to the human body. For example, earthing mats have been shown to lower your blood viscosity, manage high cortisol levels, provide better sleep, and reduce pain.

Most people prefer to use their grounding mat on the floor, but you might be a person who prefers to ground at night. If you are, you will be happy to know that this product works in bed too. A purpose-built mat is more comfortable for sleeping though, and we’ll cover that next.


2 Earthing Elite Sleep Mat Kit: Best for Sleeping


  • Fits nearly any bed
  • Individual – If your partner doesn’t like it, they don’t have to sleep on it
  • Durability – Made of high quality materials and will likely last longer than a grounding sheet
  • Top brand – Backed by one of the oldest names in grounding gear


  • Comfort – Not as comfortable as a grounding sheet
  • Appearance – Not as attractive as a grounding sheet either

We gave this earthing item a 4.5 star rating after reviewing it, so you might want to check it out. This earthing sheet does exactly what it sets out to do–which is to help you stay grounded while you sleep. This is more convenient for many people who do not have time to ground themselves during the day.

We also liked the idea of the sleep kit. It comes with a handy user guide, as well as an outlet checker and United States safety adaptor. The company claims that two decades worth of research went into all the materials that make up the mat.

It is also worth talking about the quality of the materials used in this earthing product. The technology used is current and the fabric is made of comfy cotton. The silver wiring running through the earthing sheet is also top-notch, we are sure you will love the pain management benefits from it.

You are always exposed to energy as you go about your day. Having too many negative electrons stored in your body can be harmful, which creates a need to ground. Grounding at night is going to be a lot more convenient than during the day, which is why a sleep mat can come in handy.

If you want an alternative to a half sheet earthing product, then you should check out this sleep mat kit. It can be used conveniently while you rest at home, but is more sturdy and more durable than a sheet. 

The Earthing Elite brand is very trustworthy as well. Their products are always high quality and great for wellness–be sure to check them out if you are experiencing a lot of inflammation. Check out our review of earthing sheets if you still prefer the comfort of a sheet.


3. Earthing Auto Seat Mat Kit: Best for the Car


  • Uses high quality materials
  • Specifically designed for use in a car
  • Supports a reduction in fatigue while driving


  • Mostly for static discharge, not the same as actual grounding to the earth
  • Can slip out of position as you enter/exit the vehicle


Spend a lot of time in your car? Then this supplemental grounding pad might be just what you need.

Notice that I said supplemental; that was no accident. This shouldn’t be your main earthing tool because it can’t provide true grounding. Where your car touches the ground is your tires, and they are made of non-conductive rubber. It’s basically the same as you wearing shoes outdoors instead of going barefoot.

What this mat does is discharge the static electricity that builds up on your body as you drive. The mat allows that charge to dissipate into the metal frame of the car instead of clinging to you.

The manufacturer, Earthing, has a long history of making great grounding products and they claim that discharging the static electricity can reduce the mental and physical fatigue of driving. If you drive a lot, that is a huge benefit that could make you feel better and drive more safely.

The mats come in kits of 2, 4, 6, or 8 mats depending on how many passengers your vehicle can carry. So it won’t just help the driver, it will help the kids settle down in the back seat as well! Priceless!

The mats are roughly one square foot and designed to be placed right on the seat. The specially-designed cords are made with clips on one end to be attached to your car. This is a specialty product, but for certain people who drive a lot, it could be a fantastic upgrade.


4. Alfredx Grounding Therapy Mat: Budget Option


  • Very affordable grounding option
  • Small size allows for versatility: mouse pad, in bed, at the office, etc.


  • Not the same quality of materials as the Earthing brand items
  • Lacks accessories like the international adaptor and outlet tester


We understand that it can be hard to find a quality earthing mat that does not drain your bank account. After checking out various grounding mats, we found this suitable, cost-effective option.

This mat works well, but isn’t quite on par with the quality of the Earthing brand products. Still, this grounding mat will help you improve your well-being greatly. We recommend that you use it alongside grounding naturally outdoors for the most effects.

This grounding mat is still a decent size, despite its lower cost. This also allows you to use the earthing mat as a mouse pad while you work or play games, making it a pretty convenient option. You can roll up the mat and take it with you wherever you want to go.

It looks like a normal keyboard mat for your desk at work. If you want something discrete to use, this option stays hidden in plain site while healing your body.

Using an earthing mat at work is fairly important, especially if you can not step away from your computer to get grounded. Electronics emit a constant charge that is not healthy for the human body. 


How to Choose an Earthing Mat

The following buyer’s guide will answer anything that you want to know about earthing products. There are many health benefits to using them, so if you have high stress levels or want to heal faster, they are great to have at home. You just need to make direct skin contact with them while they are on.

This is what you need to know about earthing products.

Is an Earthing Mat or Sheet Better?

Honestly, that is going to depend on you. Both have their own pros and cons, so it is going to come down to what you prefer to sleep on. Some people love their earthing mat, while others find them uncomfortable at night.

An earthing mat is usually going to cost less than a sheet. This is because earthing sheets tend to have a lot of silver wiring running through them and need to be made from quality, soft fabrics so you can sleep comfortably with them.

However, a sheet is not nearly as durable as an earthing mat. A mat is going to last you a very, very long time. It could be well over a year or two before you start thinking about replacing it. Sheets tend to wear out quicker and need more care when being cleaned- otherwise they could become damaged.

So, when it comes down to it, you will want to find a product that suits you. You might even want to start grounding outside naturally before you try a product. This process is simple, as you need to do is have you feet make contact with the earth- without any shoes on.

Does Grounding Actually Work?

It does, there have been studies and research done on the topic over the years. Your ancestors practiced grounding everyday without realizing it- we grew and evolved with the expectation that the earth would balance out our charge daily.

However, in the modern world, people rarely have the chance to get outside without shoes on. Grounding mats and other products are the best way to make up that natural grounding time. They adjust your charge to where it naturally should be.

Overall, there are numerous health improvements that you can receive by practicing grounding. Reduced inflammation and pain are among them, plus, you will sleep much better at night according to user reviews.

Everyone experiences the grounding process differently. Some people feel amazing and more energized after adjusting their electrical current- others barely notice a difference. The most important thing to realize is that grounding takes a while to impact the human body.

You will want to test it for a few weeks before you make a decision on whether or not grounding mats work for you. Finding more research will help you determine for yourself weather you believe in the idea of grounding.

Do I Need a Product to Ground?

Grounding mats are not the only way to practice this at home, in fact, you do not need anything except for the earth to do it naturally.

According to research, what you will want to do is simply have your skin make direct contact with the earth. When you create these links, you are transferring your electrons with the natural ones that coat the ground’s surface.

This process adjusts your body charge and helps you become healthier. So, if you want to lower stress levels, improve your sleep, manage illness, inflammation, or all of the above- you can practice earthing in your back yard.

You can even do earthing at night with a DIY project, however, you will always want to be sure you have the proper tools and set up before you sleep using it for the first time. You can do this with a simple outlet checker.

So no, you technically do not need to have an earthing product to do this. However, not everyone can walk outside without shoes on their feet in today’s world.

What Features Do You Need?

The idea of buying a mat or sheet on the current market can be overwhelming. These earth items have a lot going with them- so how can you be sure you are getting one that you need?

Overall, a simple product is best. Before you run it for the first time, be sure to use an outlet checker where you plan to plug it in, that way there are no surprises.

As for features, you really just want an earth product that works. It will need to offer a stable charge and fit where you need it, whether that be in your bed or under your desk at the office.

From there, you want to be sure that it comes with a quality power cord. You could be looking at the highest quality of mats in the world, but if the cord is too short to reach where you need it to, it can become really inconvenient to use it to earth.

Some mats come with timers, although you do not really need one. Earth mats are safe to use all night long and actually provide you with the most effects when you stay on it longer. The most convenient time to do this is while you sleep.

Is Earthing Safe?

There are many ways to earth safely at home. Using a mat is always a good option, as well as walking bare foot outside. However, you need to watch where you are going, so that you do not step on anything that causes harm to your body.

If you decide to use an earth item to supplement your time outside, make sure that you read a report if it comes with one. This usually states how much power the mat uses and should come with safety information.

You will also want to ensure you have your mat plugged into the right type of outlet. That would be a three-pronged outlet- or one where you can see three small holes on.

Before you make any final purchases, always read the review on the site, or use your favorite search engine. If you see an overwhelming number of negative review, then you might want to consider a different item.

Before you use any new earth mat, make sure you test it first. Check the wiring and make sure you can see no exposed metal. Once you plug it in and turn it on, watch the mat for any irregularities for awhile. You will probably want to use it for small bursts of time before you sleep on it, as to see how your body reacts to earthing and ensure the mat is working as intended before you fall asleep with it.

After using it, you will want to leave a review on your mat. A review, whether positive or negative, will let others know how you feel about the experience the product offered you. Try to avoid leaving medical advice in your report and focus on what happened.

How Do I Buy Earthing Goods?

If you are having trouble finding a place to purchase from, simply find the name of the brand and look them up in a search engine. This should lead you to their official website and their table of contents.

From there, check out the rating on the product and try to determine if it is something you would like from the reviews. Some websites link back to research on the topic.

Most online stores in the United States require your email address and payment information- and that is all you need to give the brand to place your order.

If you want to change address customer reviews should provide you with an answer on how to do just that. Plus, grounding mat reviews give you everything you would want to know about the efficiency of an item. If you have a problem, filtering reviews can help.

Once you receive the package at your delivery address, do not be afraid to write a report on it in an online rating. We all love to see reviews from an “internet friend of mine”, so leave your experiences there for people to read.

If you are interested, most websites also offer a newsletter that you can join. They will send you information on their brand and research relating to the item through email when you sign up.


Those were our top picks for earthing products! What did you think? Be sure to follow us for more content on earth goods. We have plenty of reviews for you to check out.

Our top pick was the Earthing Universal Mat for its quality and versatility. It is difficult to find affordable bedsheets in such a large size- especially as an earth item. The quality of the materials and user review also left a positive impression on the rating we gave it.

However, you really can not go wrong with any material on this list. They all offer earth improvements backed by research, such as improving your thyroid hormone levels. If you have any questions, feel free to send them our way!