Grounding Blankets: How to Choose the Best One for You

Best grounding blankets

May 24, 2022 By Mark Hansen


Grounding blankets are a new way to get the grounding energy you need.

Grounding is the idea that everyone needs time outside. Not only to get beneficial sunlight, but to set their feet into the soil, instead of an unnatural floor. This links you back to the earth and helps you to receive health benefits just from being outdoors.

Unfortunately, with how humans have made drastic changes to their lifestyles and the properties of their cities, getting access to the natural earth isn’t easy.

That’s where grounding projects come in. Grounding materials like pillows, blankets, mats, bracelets, and more is a way for you to get the benefits from the soil without actually being in the ground. Grounding products provide the same vibrations and type of resistance as the earth does, in order to help you feel better.


Product ImageProduct NameFeaturesPrice
Earthing Throw KitMade from fibers
Comes with a blanket, coil cord
Earthing book, safety adaptor (For U.S.)
Hooga Grounding BlanketSilver fiber threaded throughout
Comes with a 15-foot grounding cable
Feels like a high-quality


Many people have noted the positive results for their health. It also helps to protect you against the negative effects of EMFs that we find everywhere throughout our world anymore.

There is a lot of evidence and articles that show the many reasons people should get some sort of grounding product. If you are busy and don’t have much time to sit still until bedtime, that doesn’t mean you have to deal with diseases, lack of immunity, and health issues.

There are grounding blankets designed to be used at night, so you can still get the benefits while you sleep, or just lounge around the house, and still get to use this grounding technique. Below, we’ve included a list of our favorite sheets and blankets, so you can feel better inside your own house.



Our Reviews of the Best Grounding Blankets


Earthing Throw Kit


Key Features

  • Made from fibers including polyester, silver threads, and organic cotton
  • Comes with a blanket, coil cord, Earthing book, safety adaptor (For U.S.), and an outlet tester
  • One of two official grounding products created by Clint Ober


  • Lots of helpful videos and directions to help you out and provide instructions
  • Variety of videos, podcasts, and movies to help you learn about the benefits of the environment and how it helps you reset your mind.


  • Not many reviews to get other people’s opinions on the brand before making a purchase
  • Not a lot of options for color or length



Earthing Throw Kit is another one of our top products. Unlike most of the other products on this list, the Earthing product is actually a throw blanket, so you can sleep with it, or take it with you around the house. No more having to stay on a mattress to get the electrons and connection to the ground you need. Now, this blanket on your skin is all you need, and you can take it anywhere there is an outlet.

With the included socket tester, you can make sure your grounding wire and grounding sheets work properly. The value of a product such as this provides a lot more than the money it costs to purchase it.

Backed by a lot of science and research, you will find this bedding provides a lot of balance, rest, fatigue-prevention, and illness-fighting benefits to your life. The best part about Earthing, however, is the guarantees and care they put into every one of their products. They provide a 90-day return window if, for any reason, you decide you no longer want any of their products.

They are also the only ones to actually patent the grounding technique and have 20 years of research and experience to back their products, so you know it is good and trustworthy. Their company was founded by Clint Ober, who did research on this grounding science and then created products to back it. His research and products are found only on Earthing and Grounding.

If you want to learn more about Clint Ober, or his research, they also have a movie on their website about Earthing, for people to watch and learn more.



Hooga Grounding Blanket


Key Features

  • Silver fiber threaded throughout
  • Comes with a 15-foot grounding cable


  • Feels like a high-quality throw blanket anyone would have in their home
  • Provides a how-to video on how to test the safety of the grounding port.


  • Often, it doesn’t come with a grounding cord, which is very important for the whole experience.



If you want to experience better sleep and pain relief, the Hooga Grounding Blanket is worth a try. This version of a grounding pad is a way to get closer to nature from the bedroom or living room. The experts behind this product have conducted a study on the health improvements that participants receive when using these blankets. The bottom of the blanket is where the grounding product is, allowing you to focus on the other needs and activities while you get grounded simply from the blanket sitting on your skin.

The manufacturer used the best quality materials to provide you with a comfortable blanket full of versatility. Though Hooga is new to the grounding world, they have a lot of experience in producing healthy and beneficial natural products for their customers that are trustworthy and that their users are happy with.

This seems to be a trend they are continuing with their blankets! Unfortunately, they seem a little too eager to send out their products to their customers quickly, and sometimes forget to send all the parts. Though we were fortunate to have everything we needed to try out this blanket, we did see quite a few reviews from others who said they weren’t actually sent a cord to use with their blanket.

However, Hooga has a whole slew of other other products, such as mats, pet beds, yoga mats, pillowcases, and so on. If you decide to use this company, you can find something to meet your needs, or maybe multiple things.



How to Use Grounding Blankets

Setting up grounding blankets, or any other grounding product, is simple. It only involves three steps, or even just two, and you are good to go!

Step 1

Step one is to make sure your outlets are grounded properly. When using a grounding blanket, most people use it by plugging the grounding cord into the grounding port of an outlet.

This is the small, almost circular prong on the bottom of most outlets. However, before you plug it into the grounding port, you must first make sure it is properly grounded.

Theoretically, if it has this third hole, it should be grounded. In practice though, wires can be put in incorrectly, or not even put in at all.

Therefore, it is important to test your outlets before plugging in your blanket to make sure they actually work as needed and provide healthy earth energy.

Brands like Earthing actually come with testers so you can do it as soon as you get the blanket. Some brands don’t do this, though, and you will have to buy your own outlet checker.

Once you are sure you are properly grounded, you can plug in your blanket.

Step 2

This step is optional. On top of providing a grounding cord that gets plugged into outlets throughout your home, your blanket should come with a ground rod.

This is for connecting directly to the earth. If you don’t have a grounded outlet, or if the power goes out, you can still use your product. To use this earth connection cable, you simply go outside and stick it into the earth for about eight or 10 inches into the earth.

The cord should be long enough to go back into the house and connect to your blanket. If you live in an area with really dry soil or sand, try to wet the ground occasionally to provide maximum conductivity.

However, since most people have a grounding port, and are using these blankets in place of actually going outside, this step is only necessary for those who want to use the grounding rod and want to have it prepared.

Step 3

The final step is to set up the throw. There are some key points to remember when using a grounding blanket in order to get the most benefits out of it.

  • Remember that only one side of the blanket is conductive. The outer side might be soft and fluffy, but it doesn’t provide any of the grounding benefits. Therefore, when you are using it, always make sure the inner side with the silver fibers is touching some part of your bare skin.
  • Make sure the connection cord is plugged into both ports. To have your grounding blanket work properly, you need to make sure one end is plugged into the grounding port of an outlet, and the other is connected to the blanket itself. Otherwise, your blanket can’t actually provide any benefits.

Keeping these two factors in mind, you are ready to go. These throw blankets are a great way to have a soft and fairly portable way to stay grounded, even during a busy life. Whether you use it while reading on the couch, or as a blanket at night, you will feel the EMF protection and immunity support this blanket brings in no time.

Who knows, you may even find your cortisol secretion is reduced and you are no longer snoring. You will be surprised at the difference these products make in such a short time, as long as you keep your thoughts open.


What Benefits Do Grounding Blankets Provide?

Grounding blankets and other grounding products (including a pillow, half sheets, mats, straps, and more) have many proven effects from many studies. If you have a health issue that doctors haven’t been able to help with, it might be due to not being able to reach yourself enough. The grounding function on these blankets can help with many different issues. This includes:

  • Muscle tension
  • Cortisol levels
  • Blood flow
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Blood pressure
  • Managing emotions and feelings
  • Sleep problems
  • General wellbeing
  • Stress levels
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Depression
  • Managing hormones
  • Recovery and healing after injury
  • Improved immune system
  • Blood circulation
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • and so much more

The best part? You don’t even need that much exposure to increase your wellness. Generally, 15 to 20 minutes a day is more than enough to start feeling an impact.

However, it does take up to 30 days sometimes to truly feel healthy earth’s energy working. These blankets and sheets are within most people’s budget, and there has been a lot of testing and a lot more than a couple of articles written about the subject of grounding.

Another huge benefit of grounding is that it helps to fight the negative effects of electromagnetic fields (EMF). The damage that electricity and technology provide to us daily can cause a huge amount of discomfort and disruption to our daily lives.

Using a grounding sheet or alternative can help you feel like you are on vacation, even while you are at your job or desk. Looking at the reviews on any of these products, you can see that most customers are more than just content.

While there are some that feel the items aren’t worth the price, the always-increasing number of sales and orders show that people are happy with their choices and the care that is put into these accessories and the details.


How to Clean

Grounding blankets and sheets can be cleaned in fairly normal ways. They can undergo a wash cycle as long as the water is warm or cold. When you dry, you want to use it on low and avoid fabric softeners.

All of the blankets and sheets come with care a guide and instructions, however, so always refer to them before cleaning your sheets. Every few cycles, you want to put it in the washing machine on high so that the oils from the skin can be washed off of the silver wires to continue having effective connectivity and flow.

When using the earthing mat and sheets, it is also important to avoid any lotions or night creams, since you need direct contact with the blanket.

Otherwise, you may find that your blanket doesn’t work as well as it should. It can cause the wires to corrode, which will reduce conductivity, effectiveness and longevity.

There are some important do’s and don’t when using these blankets, to help keep them in great condition and increase the longetivity, so you can continue your grounding process.


  • Wash at least twice a month, but weekly is fine too
  • Use a washing machine
  • Make sure the water is around 105 degrees Fahrenheit (or 40 degrees Celsius)
  • Allow to dry on low in a dryer or hang up
  • If you’ve put on oils, creams, or lotions, wait an hour before use


  • Don’t use any bleach
  • Don’t use any fabric softener
  • Keep away from oils, especially lavender and coconut oil
  • Don’t use your blanket with any lotions, oils, or creams

Though it is not included in most blankets, companies, especially Earthing, recommend that you check the conductivity of the throw every time you clean it.

Most companies sell a continuity tester on their website. With this, you can test your blanket to make sure it is working properly. The blankets should be fine for at least a year.

Many companies have a customer satisfaction guarantee and warranty for at least a year. Some of them even have a money-back guarantee for the first 90 days in case the cord doesn’t work as it should. However, sometimes things happen, and wires stop working as they should. Without a continuity tester, you will never know when the silver threading stops working.

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Grounding blankets are a great way to get the earthing you need. Not only do they provide the benefits of grounding items, but there isn’t much more comforting and relaxing than curling up under a thick blanket. The Earthing throw is a less plush option that may be easier to keep clean and the Hooga is a more plush option. They are both great choices depending on your preferences.

If that isn’t your style, there are plenty of sheets available as well, to provide you with those benefits while you sleep. There are options for fitted sheets, or half sheets if the person you share a bed with doesn’t want to try it for themselves. But we don’t know how anyone can pass up grounding sheets for healthy sleep. It has little to no grounding sheets and provides many benefits.

And there are a lot of health incentives for using grounding techniques. It is not a miracle cure by any means, but it just provides the benefits we naturally would if we lived out in nature as we were supposed to.

If you decide these blankets are great in their concept, but just aren’t for you, don’t worry. There are also pillow cases and mats, so you have a range of products for any spot you may want to use.




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