Grounding Pillowcases: How to Choose the Best One for You

Best grounding pillow cases

May 24, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Grounding pillows are an excellent way to get your daily grounding without having to worry about it.

Just curl up with your pillow, and you can easily get around six to eight hours of ground without a problem!

Below, we’ve included our top grounding pillow cases. These are pillow cases that have shown us marked differences in our health and sleep, and seem to be liked by other customers as well.

Each one can help ground you to the earth and provide numerous health benefits. Keep reading to learn which ones were our favorites and why.


Product ImageProduct nameFeaturePrice
Earthing Elite Pillow Cover KitPolyurethane resin (PU resin) material
Vinyl and phthalate-free
Smooth side for comfortable skin contact
Bio-energy Products Grounding Pillow Case100% cotton with silver threads woven in
Targets head and neck issues
Compatible with grounding fitted sheet without extra cables
SKYSP Grounding Pillow Case100% cotton and silver threads
400 thread count
Easy to use cord and plug
GroundLuxe Organic Grounding PillowcaseCotton is 100% GOTS-certified organic
Trusted brand in grounding products
100 kOhm resistance for safety
LandKissing Grounding Pillow Case50 kOhm resistance for safety
10% silver conducting fiber wristband
Electrostatic shielding against EMF
BAIJJ Grounding Pillow Case with Grounding Connection CordAntibacterial silver fiber
Hand wash only, air dry
95% A-grade fabric, 5% pure silver pattern
NIULAFR Grounding Pillow CaseConductive silver threads are also antibacterial
Neutralizes free radicals
98 kOhm resistance for safety



Top Choices for Earthing Pillow Cases

Here are some of the best grounding Pillow Cases we found:


1. Earthing Elite Pillow Cover Kit


Key Features

  • Polyurethane resin (PU resin) material
  • Vinyl and phthalate-free
  • Smooth side for comfortable skin contact
  • Perforated side to vent the pillow cover


  • Comfortable, even compared to silk pillow cases
  • Has 20 years of research and development to back their products
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a free book explaining more about grounding
  • Long cord for ease of use


    • Isn’t easy to give a deep clean
    • Can’t purchase parts separately if you lose something




This Elite Earthing pillowcase connects your body to the earth for safe grounding relief. The conductivity of the proprietary carbon material that makes these pillow cases allows electrons to flow freely between your body and the ground. The health benefits speak for themselves, results from a blind study performed by grounding science innovator Clint Ober showing pain and inflammation reduction among other healing benefits.

If you’re still not sure, check out the overwhelmingly positive feedback from verified purchases and find peace of mind knowing there is a one-year warranty on all Earthing pillow cases, as well as a 90 day return window if you aren’t satisfied.


2. Bio-energy Products Grounding Pillow Case


Key Features

  • 100% cotton with silver threads woven in
  • Targets head and neck issues
  • Compatible with grounding fitted sheet without extra cables
  • Machine washable
  • Conductive material on both sides


  • Both sides are conductive
  • Easy to clean
  • Can be used with their grounding sheet to reduce the need for cables


  • Might not fit all pillows
  • Need an additional earth adapter for any country outside of the United States




We are provided with all of our needs by mother earth, and grounding products like Bio-energy’s pillowcases help us to reduce many of the health issues generated by separating ourselves from the natural contact between bare feet and raw earth.

Nowadays, people are bombarded with EMF frequencies and other toxins in the environment on a daily basis. These things increase feelings of stress-related headaches, anxiety, and depression. It comes in queen and king size pillow versions to fit any bed.


3. SKYSP Grounding Pillow Case


Key Features

  • 100% cotton and silver threads
  • 400 thread count
  • Easy to use cord and plug


  • Soft
  • Large enough for many pillows
  • Doesn’t come unplugged easily from shifting


  • The connection doesn’t always work properly
  • Hard for people to use that put moisturizer on their face before bed





Research into human well-being and the benefits of interacting with nature has raised questions about how we can increase our connection to our roots despite all the time we are forced to spend inside for work and rest.

This product is made completely out of cotton fabric and conductive pure silver fibers that, when given proper time to work, helps to reduce cortisol levels.

A grounding cord is included in the package but is not necessary if you already own other grounding items like fitted sheets. The grounding pillow case by SKYSP forms strong contact with these grounding sheets for the seamless flow of electrons between you and the ground. 318 reviews and ratings on the Amazon sales page agree that the protection it provides is worth the price.


4. GroundLuxe Organic Grounding Pillowcase


Key Features

  • Cotton is 100% GOTS-certified organic material
  • Trusted brand of grounding products
  • 100 kOhm resistance for safety
  • Great customer support


  • Cotton is 100% GOTS-certified organic material
  • Comes in beige or gray colors
  • 100 kOhm resistance for safety
  • Cotton is safe for adults and children with no chemicals


  • Only comes in larger 36″ (king) size
  • Does not come with outlet tester




Pillowcases from GroundLuxe have some distinct benefits over other products. They come in two colors that match the GroundLuxe sheet offerings and the fabric is 100% GOTS-certified organic cotton (except for the 5% silver fiber of course). 

A 15-foot cord safely connects you to the planet’s negative ions through your typical electrical outlet. An adapter may be necessary for outlets outside of the United States, but GroundLuxe products are only sold in North America.


5. LandKissing Grounding Pillow Case


Key Features

  • 50 kOhm resistance for safety
  • 10% silver conducting fiber wristband
  • Electrostatic shielding against EMF
  • 95% renewable soft cotton, 5% pure silver threads


  • Comes with wristbands and pillowcases
  • 1-year warranty
  • Well-made


  • Not the best color if you want matching sheets and pillowcases
  • Cord unsnaps rather quickly
  • Sometimes connections come that don’t work, or only work for a short time





Our bodies experience the symptoms of EMF radiation in different ways, with some people having minor natural health problems like snoring and fatigue. But life isn’t fair and others experience more severe problems like loss of hair, arthritis, neck pain, mood swings, and a lot more.

EMF protection through earthing products, and other ground therapy products can decrease stress and body pain as well as eliminate the noise from those who snore. Customers that purchase the LandKissing pillowcase set feel the difference in as short as a few weeks.

By balancing the body voltage with a grounding resistor plugged into a wall socket, relief from tension is possible and can increase longevity without medication.

The family and kids can benefit from even brief contact with parts of conductive patches, making these grounding pillow cases for gathering areas in your house.


6. BAIJJ Grounding Pillow Case with Grounding Connection Cord


Key Features

  • Antibacterial silver fiber
  • Hand wash only, air dry
  • 95% A-grade fabric, 5% pure silver pattern
  • Normalizes blood pressure and increases circulation


  • Convenient
  • Soft
  • Comes with instructions and a color box
  • Basic white color


  • Has to be hand washed without any wringing or rubbing
  • Only one size of pillow case





Tests are finally answering the question if earthed pillowcases really work. The Food and Drug Administration has yet to do research of their own to determine if these devices can be used as a treatment or cure, but independent findings have a solid basis now.

Users list the lengthy number of benefits, like improved blood circulation, a stronger immune system, and feeling greater beauty after a good night’s rest. You have options for the pillowcase’s color, such as beige or cream.

The pillowcase envelopes your pillow of choice and a rod plugged into the ground socket of an electrical outlet connects your head and neck to the earth’s surface. Delivery to your household address is simple and familiar with the Amazon team, from the order in your cart to the final destination you list as the shipping address, even if it’s in Canada.

If you need a return or replacement for a variety of reasons, Amazon’s site provides coverage. A huge downside of this pillow case is that it requires very delicate washing. They recommend handwashing only, but you also can not wring or rub the product at all, which makes it hard to get it very clean. It also must be air-dried, again without any wringing out.

If you live in a humid area, this means that you might have to buy a couple of pillow cases so that you have one to use at night while the other one dries. Since most people are getting grounding pillows due to their busy lifestyles, knowing you have to take extra time and care to maintain this product at its best can be very off-putting.


7. NIULAFR Grounding Pillow Case


Key Features

  • Conductive silver threads are also antibacterial
  • Neutralizes free radicals
  • 98 kOhm resistance for safety
  • Increases human resistance to electromagnetic radiation


  • Soft
  • Can be washed in a washing machine at warm or cold temperatures
  • Helps with all kinds of pain


  • Need an adaptor for outside of the U.S.
  • No ironing or dry-cleaning
  • Comes with one cord for two pillows





By grounding with a NIULAFR pillowcase, you can reduce the amount of static electricity that naturally builds in the body by shifting around in the sheets. Not only will this lead to better sleep by allowing you to enter the important stages of sleep, like rapid eye movement (REM) and deep sleep, quicker and for longer, but the lattice of conductive silver works with the body to produce negative ions.

Microwaves, 5G, and other EMF radiation pollution sources create positive ions that need to be balanced or removed. This is the job of the grounding pillow case, to care for and protect yourself from these everyday hazards. Not only are you able to feel better from your health issues, but you can fight those nasty waves and fields from messing with you as well.

Unfortunately, a lot of these grounding and earthing products have not graduated far from the United States. If you are from somewhere else and want to get into the grounding practice, then you will have to buy a specialized adapter so the cord fits into your grounding plug.

Another downside of this pillow set is the confusion with it. In the pictures, it shows two cords for two pillow cases. However, in the item description, it says it only comes with 1 cord for two pillow cases.

This can turn off a lot of potential customers, as the confusion and lack of consistency makes it feel like this company is not very focused on their customers or putting out high-quality products.


There are many other pillow cases on the market. However, these are the ones we have found to be our favorite. They provide a simple way to be grounded while we sleep, without much more thought needed than just making sure the cord is plugged in. 

Grounding is a lot like exercise. We all acknowledge that we need it, but it gets pushed to the back of our minds and the bottom of our task list often. 

Sure, we could go drive to a park to stick our toes into the soil for thirty minutes, but we just got home from work and don’t feel like going back out. Or we still need to make dinner. The kids need to be taken care of. Or… well you get the point. 

Though it is good for our health and brings us a lot of comfort, peace, and energy to do more that we need to do throughout the day. No matter how many times we put it into our New Year’s Resolution list or swear we are going to do better, things get in the way. 

But, with the pillow, there are no more excuses. Just plug it in and go to sleep. You get six to eight hours of grounding and don’t have to do anything different than you normally would. 

If you want even more connection to the earth, you can also ground with sheets, mats, blankets, mattress pads and even shoes!

So don’t wait, go find a grounding product that works for you today!


How long should I ground every day?

It is generally recommended that at least 30 minutes every day is ideal. Obviously, more is better, and there is no limit to how much you can do daily. 

However, just doing it as much as you can per day is a great way to help yourself feel better. Whether 10 minutes or 10 hours, as long as you can do what you can, you will start to feel the effects. 

Do grounding pillow cases work?

Grounding pillow cases do work. There have been a lot of studies showing positive effects of grounding on the body. 

This isn’t an incredibly new science either. The first study came out in 2004, nearly 20 years ago! The first benefit they found during this study shows that grounding in general can improve sleep and reduce stress hormones known as cortisol. 

What does a grounding pillow do?

A grounding pillow is just another way of grounding. Whether you go stand outside for 30 minutes barefoot, using a grounding blanket, mat, or pillow case doesn’t really change much. 

The main deciding factor between which one you should get is what works best for your needs. For many, they find a pillow a lot less maintenance. It is something you can add to your day without even thinking about it. 

Can I use another pillow case over my grounding pillow case?

It isn’t recommended that you use another pillowcase over your grounded one, as it reduces the amount of grounding benefits you get. 

However, since you are sleeping with the pillow, even with the reduced effects, you are getting a lot more than the minimum 30 minutes a day. 

As long as it is a thin pillow case made from natural fibers, there is not too much harm. It makes it easier for many people to try to use it when they are new to grounding, as they can use a pillow case they usually sleep with, and then they don’t have to worry about the specific washing instructions from the grounding pillow case. 

Also, if you have a theme going on, or a specific color set for your room, adding a thin pillow case over the top can allow you to keep that, as many of the grounding pillow cases only come in beige or white. 

How do I wash my pillow case?

Each company is a little different in its washing requirements. Some say only to spot clean your pillow, while others say you can hand wash them as long as you don’t wring or rub the material. 

Most, thankfully, say that they can be washed in cool or warm water, with occasional hot washes to get the oils off of the silver threads. Often, they can even be dried on low heat. 

However, always check your individual pillow case’s instructions, to make sure you are giving it the proper care it needs to last a long time. 

Why can’t I use lotions or creams before using a grounding pillow?

Silver corrodes easily. Lotions and creams that you put on during the day can corrode the silver, causing it to not work properly and to degrade faster. 

To be safe, avoid putting on any lotions, creams, or anything else on your skin for an hour before you plan to use the pillow case to avoid damaging the silver. 

What benefits does grounding provide?

Grounding provides many benefits. 

  • Reduces inflammation
  • Decreases pain throughout the body
  • Reduces cortisol and stress responses
  • Improves sleep
  • Regulates the heart rate
  • Reduces blood viscosity
  • Reduces healing time after wound or injury
  • Helps with chronic pain and health conditions
  • And more

These are health benefits that studies have shown grounding helps with, both natural grounding and these artificial methods. However, users have stated that it helps with many other problems, including headaches, snoring, irritability, and more. 

Even if you don’t have some of the symptoms above, it may be worth trying out a grounding product. It may help you in ways you wouldn’t expect. 

Some people don’t even have something specific to report, but they just feel better in general. They are more able to go and spend time with their families and have clearer minds. 

Another reason to get it, even if you don’t have some of these symptoms, is for protection against EMFs. Electro-Magnetic Fields are all around us anymore. With phone towers, cell phones, computers, Wi-Fi, and more, we are always wrapped up in EMFs. 

Grounding products like these pillow cases help fight off the effects of these fields to help us feel better and not so worn down by all of the technology surrounding us. 

Are grounding and earthing the same thing?

For the most part, grounding and earthing are the same thing. They both refer to allowing yourself to connect to the earth and feel its vibrations throughout your body for its beneficial effects. 

However, there are some small differences. The term earthing is more related to connecting directly to the ground via an earthing rod or physically touching the soil. 

Grounding is what most of these products do, where it doesn’t connect directly to the earth, but gets the grounding benefits via an electrical outlet’s grounding port. 

Though some people prefer directly earthing over grounding, they have the same benefits. Grounding is simply the solution in our modern world when earthing isn’t possible or is inconvenient. 

What makes Earthing your number one brand?

Earthing is our number one brand due to the amount of effort they put into all of their products. They have created patents to protect their products and provide safe grounding items. 

They have also been doing research on grounding for over 20 years, to make sure their products were okay before providing them for the public. 

Finally, they offer warranties for up to a year on each product as well as a 90-day return policy. 

All of this information makes them a trustworthy company we feel safe sharing with other people out there. THey put a lot of attention and care into their products to make sure people truly benefit from them. 

Plus, it has been run based on the research and development of Clint Ober.