How to Test an Earthing Mat with a Multimeter

how to test a grounding mat

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

The first time I tried out earthing products, I wasn’t sure what to expect. There is so much to understand about how to get a current from my body to the earth. However, I have found that using certain testing methods can reliably help you correctly find out how to measure the effectiveness of these products.

With that understanding, your earthing journey can really start to come to life.

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Why Test Earthing At Home with a Digital Multimeter?

If you are looking for how to test grounding mat performance at home, you need to start your search by understanding how power exits your home. If you look at any given outlet, you will see three holes that each have a specific purpose. We have the live, neutral, and ground connections that help power various devices.

Before using an earthing mat at home, you want to make sure your outlets have a functioning ground, or earthing, plug. Since an earthing product will use a plug and wires to connect you to the earth via the grounding system in your outlets, you need to make sure that the grounding wire in a given outlet is actually going to the ground (they always should, but sometimes don’t).

A multimeter will be the best way to do this as you can use it to measure voltage to determine whether your grounding wire is functioning as intended. These checks are just to make sure your earthing product is working as intended without any issues.


Checking Earthing with a Multimeter

What is a Multimeter?

A multimeter is a special device that measures the voltage in an outlet by giving you a reading of the AC voltage and resistance its leads are able to detect in an outlet. This tool is a great way to read the power outputs in your outlets as the red and black ends of the lead is easy to use and give you an accurate picture of power in a given situation.

Using this simple meter will give you a range of voltage information to use in your space when looking for the best place to use earthing products.


The Best Ways to Use a Multimeter for Earthing

To use a multimeter to test for earthing, you simply take the red and black leads and use them to test the live and neutral ports in an outlet. Once you do this with one outlet in the space, you will want to hold the leads in another outlet in the earthing and live ports this time.

What you want to see is a voltage reading that is almost the same as the initial test. the probes will be able to detect small differences in the ports to detect any earthing issues. If the readings are very similar, you can assume the checked port is going to be good for earthing use.


How Do You Check Earthing in an Outlet?

To check earthing in any given outlet, utilizing the digital multimeter option will work well. These tests are going to make sure the outlets are all working the same to provide enough earthing and voltage resistance to use earthing products most effectively.

When using an earthing mat, you can test mat performance without even using the product by making sure the earthing in your space is working. Understanding if the earthing is working in a socket will allow you to know how to test earthing mat compatibility with various outlets.


What Happens if the Earthing is Not Done Properly?

If there is no earthing or it was not wired properly, that means your earthing mat will not work properly with that outlet. This is why it is important to use the meter to read different outlet voltages to make sure you use one that gets you properly connected with the earth.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Earthing?

Earthing is the process of becoming grounded with the earth and becoming connected with the current of the earth. being earthed means connecting your body with the earth by using products and techniques to get help from the earth’s electric charge for health benefits.

When you connect with the earth, your body is able to absorb the negative charge it emits from the ground to counteract the electrical positivity of your body. Grounding yourself can be done by standing barefoot on the ground or using wires and outlets to take advantage of grounding from the power grid.

Why Should I Try Earthing?

Earthing has a number of benefits for your body that are certainly worth helping out. Many people practice earthing for the improvements to inflammation response and may also like earthing because it gets them in closer contact with the earth than nearly anything else.

Earthing is seeing an increase in popularity as more people are looking for that connection with the earth that grounding and connection with the earth’s energy can bring. All it takes is a connection to some power outlet and the right product to get your earthing journey started.



All of this voltage and wire information was confusing for me too, but once I understood what it all meant I could check for the best earthing locations for my earthing mat. Testing an earthing mat with a digital multimeter can be done with ease and help you find the perfect place to use your mat.

Earthing has so many benefits for the body and I would hate for anyone to miss out because of a bad outlet. Use these tests and you’ll be grounding with ease in no time.

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