What Is a Grounding Yoga Mat?

What is a Grounding Yoga Mat

November 11, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Yoga mats provide a reliable, non-slip cushion for users to work on their health and wellness regime. While yoga poses and other yoga mat exercises are great for the body, a grounding yoga mat provides an extra benefit that traditional yoga mats lack.

Grounding yoga mats provide an effective medium to assist in the transference of negative electrical energy from the Earth’s surface to the body. This allows an effective way to treat the imbalance of electric energy in the body.

Humans have been exposed to excessive amounts of positive electrical energy on a daily basis thanks to the use of electronic devices. As a result, this imbalance of high levels of positive energy can cause many health issues. Yet, grounding provides the chance to balance your energy levels to lead a healthier life.

Read on to learn more about this innovative way to take your yoga exercises and stretching one step further with the power of grounding.


Yoga Mat with Conductive Top Layer

A grounding yoga mat is similar to a traditional yoga mat in various ways. A grounding yoga mat has the same anti-slip properties, the same general size and shape, and is also used to practice yoga, meditation, stretches, and more.

The one defining feature of a grounding yoga mat is its conductive top layer, typically made of leather or polyurethane (PU) infused with carbon. Both leather and polyurethane are conductive materials that allow electrical energy to successfully transfer through the mat and into the body.

Since skin is also a good conductor, when your body directly touches a type of grounding equipment, such as a grounding yoga mat, this provides the ease of electrons to transfer into the body to neutralize harmful free radicals in the body.

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Type of Equipment to Transfer Electrical Energy

A grounding yoga mat is a medium that can be used to mimic the transference of negative energy from Earth to the body. This is done by the grounding yoga mat being connected to a grounding port which has a direct line of access to Earth’s negative electrons.

The negative electrical energy then transfers from Earth to the port, through the cord, to the mat connected to the cord, into the yoga mat, and then into the body via direct contact.

Therefore, the grounding yoga mat provides an indirect transference of energy through a series of connections/transfers to arrive at the body and balance out electrical energy levels.


Enhance Your Health Regime by Neutralizing Your Body’s Energy

A grounding yoga mat provides users the ability to elevate their health and wellness journey with grounding. The body has a surplus of positive electrical energy which can cause various negative health effects from fatigue, chronic pain and inflammation, anxiety, and more.

Therefore, a grounding yoga mat provides the ability to neutralize the body’s excess positive energy via direct contact with a type of grounding equipment.

Grounding yoga mats are multifunctional, allowing users to both receive the support and cushion to exercise on the mat while balancing their body’s electrical energy with the mat’s grounding functionality. If you are looking to elevate your health and wellness routine, consider swapping your traditional yoga mat for a grounding yoga mat to better balance your body’s electrical energy while indoors.

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