How Does a Grounding Yoga Mat Work?

Grounding Yoga Mat Work

November 11, 2022 By Mark Hansen

A grounding yoga mat is a medium that allows your body to be exposed to Earth’s negative electrical energy while indoors. Humans over-consume positive electrical energy every day through the use of electronic devices. This hyper exposure results in an imbalance of electrical energy in the body that can cause various negative health effects.

Grounding equipment, such as a grounding yoga mat, replicates the negative energy of Earth’s surface, providing users the flexibility to absorb Earth’s electrons while indoors. This is executed through a series of electrical energy transfers to ultimately go from Earth’s surface into the body. Learn more about how a grounding yoga mat works so you can neutralize your energy levels to lead a healthier, happier life.

Connect Yoga Mat to Grounding Port

A grounding yoga mat looks like a traditional yoga mat, with some slight variations that allow the mat to transfer energy. First, the mat comes with a cord that you attach to both the yoga mat and a grounding port. Since the grounding port is essentially a direct line to Earth’s surface, this means connecting to the grounding port is equivalent to connecting to Earth’s negative electrical energy supply. Once the wire is connected to the grounding port, the electrons from the ground will transfer through the port, through the wire, and into the yoga mat.

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Conductive Top Layer Helps Transfer Electrical Energy

The grounding yoga mat is designed with a conductive top layer, typically leather or polyurethane. This allows the negative energy to continue to flow through the mat, and not simply be a dead end when the energy reaches the mat.

It’s worth noting the bottom layer of the mat is often not conductive and has a rubber base. Thus, it’s critical you are using the grounding yoga mat right side up to experience the positive grounding effects.

As your body directly touches the mat, the negative electrical energy from the mat will transfer into your body as you use the mat to practice your yoga exercises, stretches, and more. As long as you are in direct contact with the mat while plugged into the grounding port, your body will indirectly receive electrons from Earth’s surface.

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Direct Contact with Yoga Mat Mimics Earth’s Negative Electrical Charge

Your skin is a good conductor. This explains why when your body comes into contact with the grounding yoga mat, it is able to receive the electrical energy. This transference of electrons helps to neutralize free radicals within your body.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that result from the excess of positive electrical charge in the body. These free radicals can damage the body, and result in various negative health consequences. Therefore, neutralizing these free radicals provides a natural way to balance your body’s electrical charge.

As long as you consistently use your grounding yoga mat to balance your energy, you should start to notice positive psychological and physiological health benefits from lower levels of stress, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and more.

The next time you’re about to roll out your yoga mat, consider swapping it for a grounding yoga mat instead. Not only will you be able to experience the support and cushion necessary to comfortably do your exercises, but you’ll simultaneously experience the positive grounding effects of the mat.

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