Grounding Yoga Mat Benefits

Grounding Yoga Mat Benefits

November 11, 2022 By Mark Hansen

The human body is exposed to excess positive electrical energy daily. Whether scrolling on your smartphone or working on your laptop, it’s nearly impossible to eliminate positive electrical energy sources from your body in today’s digital age. Inevitably, this hyper-exposure to positive energy results in an imbalance of electric charge in the body. As a result, adverse health issues are linked to this imbalance of energy, from feeling stressed, to a lack of energy, and more.

But, just because you’re exposed to these heightened levels of positive energy doesn’t mean you should suffer through these health consequences. Grounding provides the ability to use the Earth’s negative electrical energy to neutralize this high level of positive energy in the body. Grounding can be done either via direct or indirect transference. While grounding via direct contact with Earth’s surface is ideal, it isn’t practical.

Indirect grounding equipment provides the ability to replicate Earth’s negative energy while indoors. A grounding yoga mat is just one type of grounding equipment that can help in the transference of electrical energy. In this article, you’ll learn about the many grounding yoga mat benefits so you can live a healthier, happier life.

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Improves Sleep

Sleep problems are common. Whether you struggle with insomnia or staying asleep throughout the night, sleep issues can result in a low quality of sleep and have you feeling sluggish the next day. A grounding yoga mat helps improve sleep by minimizing your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone that, when elevated, can cause the body to feel awake and alert.

While healthy cortisol levels during the day are good to keep you feeling alert and energized to get your day’s tasks done, heightened cortisol levels are disastrous at night. This is because the stress hormone will keep you up and awake, even if it’s time to go to bed. Therefore, balancing your cortisol levels with the help of a grounding mat can help you fall and stay asleep better throughout the night.

Reduces Stress & Anxiety

As discussed above, grounding equipment, like a grounding yoga mat, can help balance your body’s cortisol levels. As a result, this can help universally lower excess stress and anxiety felt during the day. While some stress can be beneficial, chronic stress can be damaging to the body. A grounding yoga mat provides a natural way to effectively reduce your high levels of stress.

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Boosts Energy Levels

An imbalance of electrical energy can make you feel sluggish and exhausted. Not only is this because you may be lacking quality sleep, but physiologically the electrical imbalance can be draining on the body. A grounding mat provides the ability to balance your body’s electric charge to feel more energized, awake, and alert.

Reduces Inflammation & Pain

Chronic pain and/or inflammation can be debilitating, especially if the root cause is unknown. A grounding yoga mat provides relief to better manage your pain and inflammation to live a better quality of life. This is because the indirect transference of electrons helps neutralize free radicals in the body.

Free radicals are unstable atoms that can damage the body and lead to negative health issues, such as inflammation and pain. Thus, neutralizing the free radicals helps prevent additional pain and/or inflammation from taking place, and helps better manage your current pain or inflammation symptoms.

Improves Recovery Time

A grounding yoga mat is effective at improving your body’s recovery time so you can get back to pushing your body to its fullest potential. While you’re stretching on your grounding yoga mat, the additional transference of negative electrical energy provides the necessary balance to neutralize free radicals and speed up your recovery.

Improves Blood Flow

Last but not least, a grounding yoga mat improves your blood flow which ultimately improves your overall cardiovascular health. Without proper blood circulation, this could increase your risk of developing cardiac diseases that could lead to detrimental health consequences.

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