How to Choose the Best Grounding Yoga Mat

How to Choose the Best Grounding Yoga Mat

November 11, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Earthing products provide the ability to balance your electrical energy while indoors. A grounding yoga mat is a popular type of grounding product that can be used to practice your fitness regime while simultaneously neutralizing your energy.

If you are interested in incorporating yoga exercises into your daily routine or want to swap out your existing mat for a new one, consider purchasing a grounding yoga mat. Not only will the mat provide the necessary support and cushion to feel comfortable while working out, but your body can indirectly consume negative electrical energy to help neutralize harmful free radicals in your body.

In this article, you’ll learn all the information you need to know about grounding mats. From what to look for in grounding mats to the best grounding mats you should consider purchasing to improve your quality of life.

What Is a Grounding Yoga Mat and How Is It Used?

A grounding yoga mat is similar to a traditional yoga mat in terms of size, shape, and function. However, the grounding mat has special materials and features used to mimic Earth’s surface and help transfer electrons from the ground to the body.

Specifically, a grounding yoga mat has a conductive top layer (typically made of leather or polyurethane) that allows for the transfer of electrons into the body via direct contact. A grounding yoga mat is used just like any other yoga mat.

People can stretch, exercise, work on their posture and alignment, practice meditation, and more on the mat. While individuals use the mat, they are also exposed to the indirect transference of negative electrical energy into the body from the Earth.

To correctly set up the mat, users must plug the mat’s cord into the ground socket (aka grounding port). Since the port is connected to the ground, this means the energy is able to transfer from the Earth’s surface, through the outlet, through the cord, to the mat, and into the body via direct skin contact. There are several health benefits linked to using a grounding mat, including:

  • Stress and anxiety relief
  • Improves sleep & reduces fatigue
  • Manages pain and inflammation
  • Boosts energy levels
  • …and more positive health effects!

What to Look for in a Ground Yoga Mat

A grounding mat can be the perfect solution to neutralize your body’s electrical energy levels. That being said, it’s essential to understand that not all grounding mats have the same quality and design. Therefore, if you are looking to purchase a grounding yoga mat, here are some features to look out for.

  • Non slip grip
  • Conductive top layer (ie. leather or polyurethane (PU) infused with carbon)
  • Proper support and cushioning
  • Phthalate-free
  • Odorless
  • Durable

While the mat you choose doesn’t necessarily need all these features, the above things are important to keep on your radar when evaluating different products.

Top 5 Mats to Consider

There are various grounding mat items on the market today. While some mats are great, others simply miss the mark. Below are the top 5 grounding yoga mats to consider.

1. Grounders Yoga Mat

8a-Earthing.com_r1_1x1_05B_7699_1106x This revolutionary, double-sided grounding mat is the first of its kind! The double-sided conductivity element makes this a versatile mat you can use both indoors (with a cord) and outdoors. Unlike most grounding mats that are only conductive on one side, the Grounders mat uses polyurethane infused with carbon both on the top and bottom layers of the mat. Though this mat is one of the more expensive on the list, this mat leaves no detail left undone. From their eco friendly packaging, to offering free shipping across the US, to a 1-year warranty guarantee, this innovative and durable mat is worth it.


2. Cova Grounding Mat

61DzYR8hXuL._AC_SX679_ If you are looking for a more affordable option, the Cova grounding mat is another top choice. The mat has a conductive PU leather top layer that provides the ability to transfer electrical energy from the mat to the user. Plus, it is made with a rubber base that has a non-slip grip that prevents the mat from sliding when in use. Enjoy a better night’s sleep and lower your anxiety, pain, and inflammation with this grounding mat’s neutralizing abilities. Consider giving this mat to a loved one or yourself so you can increase your fitness routine and live a more balanced lifestyle.


3. Amerthing Earth Grounding Yoga Mat


The Amerthing grounding mat provides the perfect experience for everyone to improve their general well-being for a more balanced life. The mat uses quality material to make a conductive mat that allows you to tap into Earth’s negative energy wherever– at home, yoga studio, gym, and more. This mat is eco-friendly, anti-skid, PVC-free, Latex-free, and odorless, so users know they’re getting high-quality material that they can rely on for all their needs.


4. KooMall Store Grounding Mat


KooMall’s grounding mat provides the perfect support for staying fit and working out while simultaneously neutralizing the body’s electrical energy.  Whether you use the mat as a yoga mat, standing desk mat, or sleep mat on your bed, however you choose to ground, there are several ways to use the KooMall’s grounding mat to help balance your electrical energy.

The mat’s double-sided, non-slip design gives users peace of mind that they can rely on the mat’s grip to not slide throughout their workout. Made with high-density eco-friendly foam, this is one of the best grounding mats to neutralize the free radicals in your body to live a healthier life.


5. Hooga Store Grounding Yoga Mat


The Hooga mat promotes a healthier lifestyle by practicing your fitness while neutralizing your body’s electrical charge.  This is all thanks to the mat’s conductive leather top layer. Use the Hooga mat for working out, at the yoga studio, or in the office for endless ways to ground indoors. As long as any part of your body is in direct contact with the mat, from arms to feet, head, and more, electrons will transfer to the body to help you lead a happier, healthier life.



What should a grounding yoga mat be made of?

The grounding mat should be made of a rubber material that provides adequate support and cushion. On the surface of the mat where your skin touches the mat, the surface should be made of a conductive material like leather or polyurethane infused with conductive carbon.

Is a yoga mat a grounding mat?

A traditional yoga mat cannot be considered a grounding mat unless there is an indirect transference of electric charge occurring from a grounding port to the mat and then into the body.

How do I know if my yoga grounding mat is working?

Ensuring your conductivity connection is working is crucial when using a grounding mat. Without proper transference of energy to the mat itself, this will inevitably lower the energy essential to neutralize the body’s free radicals.

One way to ensure the grounding mat is working is by using an Earthing continuity tester to test the connection. To do so, connect the tester to the grounding port and place it on your mat. A green light will appear if your mat is working effectively.

How long should you use a grounding mat for yoga?

Although grounding is a relatively new concept with few research studies, most grounding experts recommend using the mat anywhere between 10 to 40 minutes per day and gradually working your duration up. The key is to consistently use the grounding mat, ideally every day, for maximum results.

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