How to Install an Earthing Mat

How to install earthing mat

December 5, 2022 By Mark Hansen

An Earthing mat is an effective way to deliver negative electrical energy to the body while indoors. While direct contact with Earth’s surface is ideal to experience optimal grounding benefits, indirect transference via an Earthing mat or other form of Earthing equipment is the next best thing.

However, to ensure you can maximize your grounding benefits while indoors, you need to correctly install your Earthing mat. Otherwise, the incorrect installation will turn your Earthing mat into any other ordinary mat.

Here are the steps you need to take to ensure you’ve properly installed your earthing mat.


Steps to Install an Earthing Mat

1. Check for an Earthing Connection in Your Grounding Port

First, be sure to check the grounding connection of the ground port you wish to attach your ground mat’s cord to. Older homes are more likely to lack a grounding connection among their outlets. Therefore, use a ground checker to ensure your outlet is grounded in the first place.

If your outlet isn’t able to ground, then you will be unable to transfer Earth’s negative energy through the outlet. While this is unlikely, if none of your outlets have a grounding connection, consider consulting with an electrician or buying an Earthing rod to effectively have a way to transfer electrons from the ground to your mat.


2. Attach Your Grounding Mat’s Cord to Your Grounding Port

Once you’ve ensured your outlet can ground, then attach your Earthing mat’s cord to the outlet. This cord will connect your outlet to your mat to enable negative electrical energy to transfer through the outlet, through the cord, into the conductive grounding mat.

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3. Test Your Mat’s Conductivity

After you’ve plugged your grounding mat into a nearby grounding port, you’ll want to test your mat’s conductivity to ensure it is working properly. To do so, use a continuity tester by connecting the tester to the ground port you’re using and directly placing the tester on your Earthing mat.

If your mat is working correctly, your continuity tester will show a green light confirming that your mat is receiving a flow of negative electrical energy.


4. Consistently Use Your Earthing Mat to Maximise Results

Once you’ve plugged your Earthing mat into the ground part and tested its continuity, you can then use your Earthing mat and experience the many benefits of grounding. Direct skin contact is ideal to receive the optimal benefits of grounding. However, you can still ground through thin, conductive materials.

Try to consistently use your mat each day for at least 10 minutes to achieve optimal grounding benefits. If you are ever concerned your Earthing mat isn’t working, simply use your continuity tester to ensure there is electrical energy coming from your ground port to your mat.

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