How Do You Know If Your Grounding Mat Is Working?

Why isn't grounding mat working

December 5, 2022 By Mark Hansen

A grounding mat can help improve your overall physical and mental health. From decreasing stress and anxiety to increasing energy levels and more, as long as your grounding mat is working, it can significantly improve your quality of life.

However, sometimes it can be difficult to tell if your grounding mat is working or not, especially if you haven’t noticed any changes to your health since using the mat. Because electrical energy flow is invisible, this can make it difficult to know if your grounding mat is working.

If you’re unsure if your grounding pad is working effectively, read on!


Test Your Grounding Mat’s Conductivity

The main way to ensure your grounding mat is working is by testing your grounding mat’s conductivity. Without negative electrical energy flowing into your mat, you’ll be unable to receive the electrons needed to balance your body’s energy imbalance.

A continuity tester is an electronic tool that can be used to test your grounding mat’s conductivity. Using your continuity tester, plug one end of the tester into the outlet you’ve been using to connect your mat.

Then, place the tester directly over the grounding mat. Most continuity testers will show a green light if the connection is working, meaning there is negative electrical energy flowing from the outlet to the mat.

If a green light doesn’t appear, the lack of connection is likely due to a bad grounding connection from the specific ground port you are using. Depending on the age of your home, your outlet may not be grounded, meaning there isn’t a connection from Earth’s negative electrical energy surface to the outlet.

If that’s the case you can either 1) talk with an electrician to find out how you can ground your outlets or 2) use a grounding rod.


Consider Other Factors

If your grounding connection appears to be working, it may be time to consider other factors such as how often you are using the mat, your expectations, and how you are using the mat.


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Consistency is Key

Ensure you are consistently using your grounding mat for at least 10 minutes each day for optimal grounding benefits. It may take several weeks for some people to start noticing the effects of grounding.

Ensure Your Expectations are Realistic

While grounding can improve your health and wellness, it is not and should not be considered a product that cures all ailments. Ensure your expectations about using your grounding mat are realistic, and you’ll begin to appreciate the more subtle benefits you do notice.

Try to Use More Direct Skin Contact

Direct skin contact is ideal when using any grounding product. Try to expose as much direct skin contact when using your mat as possible. Likewise, the thicker and less conductive the material is between you and the mat (i.e. clothing or a bed sheet) the less efficiently the electrons will flow from the mat into your body.

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