How to Test an Earthing Sheet

Testing Earthing Sheets with Multimeter

May 24, 2022 By Mark Hansen

When I had trouble sleeping for many years, I never would have thought that a unique way of connecting with the earth would have helped me, however, I have found that the practice of earthing or grounding with sheets can help us connect with the earth and benefit from the energy that surrounds it.

Earthing products and sheets are able to connect a cord to the outlets in our home to get energy from the earth into our bodies. One thing you need to do to understand if this is going to work for you is to test your earthing sheet to make sure it is properly grounded and helping to give you the many benefits of earthing.

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How to Test for Earth Ground in 3 Easy Steps

To help you become grounded as easily as possible, you need to find a location that has a good current to help you become connected to the earth. These 3 steps should help you test for grounding.


1. Set Up Multimeter

You need a multimeter to perform this test. Plug the black cord into COM and the red into VΩma. Plug the grounding sheet adaptor into the wall and put the red clip into one side of the adaptor. Plug the cord from the sheet into the other side.


2. Take a Baseline Reading

Turn the dial on the multimeter to ~V and place the metal probe between your fingers. Do not touch the sheet yet. This is your baseline reading without contact with the sheet. Make a note of it.


3. Take a Test Reading

Now, touch the sheet with your other hand and watch the readout on the multimeter. If it’s working, you should see a dramatic reduction in the numbers. If you need further instructions, you can find them here.


What to Do if Earthing (Indoors) Doesn’t Seem to Be Working?

After using a checklist and test sheet for your grounding, you should be able to tell if it’s working. Whether using a mat or other grounding product, you will not be able to really notice them working as a traditional electronic device.

If your device does not seem to be working, check all the connections, try a different outlet or contact the seller of the product in question.


Scientific Evidence for Earthing

As earthing is beginning to increase in popularity across the world, many people are starting to wonder if it has any actual benefits. Anecdotal evidence with people claiming to feel better after earthing is one thing, but many people want to check with the experts before using any grounding techniques.

In theory, the process of getting connected with the earth and its free electrons is rather simple. The overall positive charge carried by the human body in its natural state is counteracted by the negatively charged electrons the earth is so rich in.

This means that all the body needs to do to utilize the conductive properties of the earth is to make some connection with it.

To harness the benefits of the charge created by the earth, your skin needs to make contact with the ground so that charges can flow freely and use you as a conductor. When indoors, you can use special grounding products to receive that charge by connecting to the ground in an outlet via a grounding wire.

While research is still being done, a number of studies have pointed to numerous benefits for earthing and grounding. In particular, health benefits in the form of reduced inflammation, stress, and sleep improvements have been noted on several occasions.

The electrical transfer of energy between the earth and our bodies may help a number of different issues get resolved naturally. Before reaching to expensive medications and risky methods, simply stepping outside to ground yourself or using things like earthing sheets in bed could offer a unique solution to numerous problems.


How to Try Grounding/Earthing

Barefoot Walking

A free and easy method to try earthing is to walk outside while barefoot. This may sound a little unusual, but allowing your feet to connect with the earth helps to complete that transfer of energy that allows our bodies to heal.

You might not see the results immediately, but walking outside with your bare feet on the ground is both liberating and a calming way to starts your journey of grounding.


Spend Time Outside

If you live in a busy area where walking around barefoot may get you strange looks with potential hazards on the ground, spending time outside in many ways can help you become grounded.

Part of what makes earthing so great is that it gets you outdoors in the first place. Fresh air is one of nature’s best medicines and will allow you to feel calm and relaxed when outdoors. Practice mindfulness and mediation outside with your bare feet and hands on the ground to both clear your mind and stay grounded at the same time.


Use Grounding Products

Spending time outdoors is a real treat in my schedule, but work and other conflicts often come in the way of traditional earthing practices. With more companies investing in the research of grounding products, we now have access to grounding aids that help us benefit from earthing anywhere we are.

Almost any product that can help you stay grounded indoors will be worth checking out. By using an outlet in your space, something like an earthing mat or sheet can get access to a grounded connection that will allow you to harness the electrons from the earth even when you are only connected by a rod and cable.


Sleep With an Earthing Sheet

My personal favorite method of connecting to the ground when at home is to use an earthing sheet and pillow case. This allows me to use an earthing product that will plug into an outlet and give me the benefits of natural charges while I sleep.

At night, your body is experiencing a system of healing that is able to put an end to many pesky pains and can hunt down free radical particles with the help of newly added electrons. It doesn’t take much effort to set up this sheet, but it is well worth it.


Final Thoughts on Testing an Earthing Sheet

My grounding sheet is what helps me get a great rest at night, and it may help you too. Benefiting from the conductive properties of the earth has never been easier with so many great products allowing us to stay grounded when inside. All you have to do is find the one that best fits your needs.

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