What Is a Grounding Pillowcase?

What is a Grounding Pillowcase

November 1, 2022 By Mark Hansen

A grounding pillowcase provides the opportunity to physically connect to the Earth’s surface, without needing to be outdoors! The Earth’s surface has negative electrical energy.

However, unless you have direct contact with the Earth’s surface, such as standing barefoot on the ground, it’s nearly impossible to transfer electrical energy from the Earth to your body.

This is where grounding equipment, like a grounding pillowcase, can provide the perfect indirect connection to the Earth’s negative energy. A grounding pillowcase is essentially a medium by which the Earth’s energy can transfer through into your body.

Ultimately, this transference helps neutralize your body’s excess positive electrical energy to become more balanced.


Type of Indirect Grounding Equipment

There is a wide variety of grounding equipment from grounding mats to grounding sheets to grounding pillowcases. Each of these types of equipment essentially serves as a medium to assist in the transference of electrical energy from the Earth through to your body.

For example, with a grounding pillowcase, you connect the pillowcase to a grounding port via a wire. Then, the negative electrical energy from the Earth’s surface transfers through the port, through the wire, into the pillowcase, and transfers into the body by way of direct skin contact with the pillowcase.


Crafted with Conductive Properties to Transfer Electrical Energy

A grounding pillowcase isn’t an ordinary pillowcase. This specific pillowcase is designed with silver threading which provides the ability for an electrical current to transfer through the pillowcase, into the body.

This is because silver is an excellent conductor, and thus enables the electrical current that comes from the wire into the pillowcase to be transferred through to another conductor, like your body.

Water is another great conductor of electricity. Since the majority of the human body is made up of water, this provides the ability for the electric current from the pillowcase to transfer through into the body, as long as your skin is in direct contact with the pillowcase.

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Connects Your Body To Earth’s Energy

Today, humans are overexposed to positive electrical energy sources via the use of electronic devices. Over time, this excess of positive electrical energy in the body can inevitably cause imbalance and result in a variety of physical and mental health issues.

One way to combat this imbalance of too much positive electrical energy in the body is by exposing your body to more negative electrical energy.

A grounding pillowcase delivers the Earth’s negative electrical charge to your body through the direct contact it has with your head and neck. Therefore, the pillowcase enables the body to directly receive the Earth’s negative energy which can balance out your body’s energy.

Ultimately, this internal balance of electrical energy results in a variety of health benefits like improvements in mood, energy levels, sleep, and more.

If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to physically feel more connected to Earth’s energy, without directly being outside, consider a grounding pillowcase. A grounding pillowcase provides the ability to rest your head and neutralize your energy levels to live a more balanced, healthy life.

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