How Does a Grounding Pillowcase Work?

How does a Grounding Pillowcase Work

November 1, 2022 By Mark Hansen

A grounding or earthing pillowcase provides the indirect ability for your body to connect to the Earth’s surface. Today, the human body now more than ever before is exposed daily to an influx of positive electrical charge.

This excess of positive ion exposure creates an electrical imbalance in our body, resulting in a variety of negative psychological and physiological health effects.

An effective way to neutralize your body’s electrical charge is by tapping into the negatively charged current of the Earth’s surface. This can be done either directly (i.e. barefoot on the ground) or indirectly via grounding equipment, like a grounding pillowcase.

Learn more about how a grounding pillowcase works so you can neutralize your body’s electrical charge below.


How does a Grounding Pillowcase Work

Even if you aren’t practicing grounding outside, that doesn’t mean you cannot replicate grounding indoors. Grounding pillowcases are specially designed to mimic the outdoor effects. This is done by plugging the grounding pillowcase into the grounding port of your home outlet.

The grounding port helps connect the energy from the Earth through the cable into the pillowcase. Because the pillowcase is conductive, as long as you properly set up the pillowcase to the grounding port, as your head rests directly on the pillowcase, it will replicate your skin touching the Earth’s surface.


Conductive Properties of Pillowcase Transfer Energy

The grounding pillowcase is made using silver grounding thread. Since silver is a good electrical conductor, when the pillowcase is connected to the grounding port, the pillowcase becomes electrically charged. This is all thanks to the grounding port transferring energy from the Earth, through the cord, to the pillowcase.

Therefore, when you lie down and your skin makes direct contact with the grounding pillowcase, the energy from the pillowcase will transfer through to your body.  This is because, like silver, the human body is a good conductor of electricity both internally and externally.

Not only does the skin provide the perfect contact point to transfer energy, but constant electrical currents are occurring within the human body at any given time.  For example,  your nervous system sends electrical signals to the brain and the rest of the body to generate movement, feelings, etc.


Direct Skin Contact Neutralizes Your Body’s Electric Charge

The Earth’s surface has a negative electrical charge. Therefore, connecting your grounding pillowcase via a wire to a grounding port connected to the Earth provides an indirect transfer of energy through the wire to the pillowcase through the body with direct skin contact.

As the negative energy reaches the body, this helps neutralize the body’s electric charge. Our world today is filled with much more sources of positive ions that our bodies aren’t used to and weren’t exposed to hundreds of years ago.

For instance, now more than ever before our bodies are exposed to positively charged sources from computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices. Inevitably, this overexposure to positive ions can cause an imbalance in the body, which can lead to negative health effects like anxiety, a lack of energy, and more.

Therefore, a grounding pillowcase provides a medium through which the negative electrical energy of the Earth’s surface can transfer through and provide electrical balance to your body.

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