Can Grounding Mats Cause Headaches?

Can a grounding mat cause headaches

December 5, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Grounding mats are known for providing several physiological and psychological health benefits from reducing stress to improving energy levels, and more. Grounding products, like grounding mats, have also been found to relieve headaches.

This is because grounding is linked to relieving stress and muscle tension while improving sleep quality which are all factors that can cause you to experience a headache.

While there is a slight possibility you may experience negative symptoms like brain fog or a headache when you first start grounding, over time as your body gets used to the flow of negative energy, your symptoms will disappear and you’ll begin to experience the many benefits of grounding. Read on to learn more about what may cause a headache when you first start grounding, and why grounding mats can help you if you experience chronic headaches.


You May Experience Headaches When You First Start Grounding

While this is relatively uncommon, some grounding users do report feeling negative symptoms such as a foggy mind or a headache when they initially start using a grounding mat (or another form of grounding equipment). However, after consistent use, these symptoms tend to subside as your body becomes more and more used to the increased flow of negative electrical energy.

If you experience a headache the first couple of times after using your grounding mat, try to stay consistent and use your mat in short increments (less than 1 hour).  In time, your body will adjust to the energy flow and not experience any headaches.


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Grounding Improves Headaches with Consistent Use

Chronic headaches, especially if they are severe, can be debilitating and reduce your overall quality of life. While over-the-counter medications can often relieve your headaches, this only masks the issue at hand. Understanding what causes your headaches can help resolve the issue at its source.

Various factors can contribute to headaches. Two main factors are a lack of sleep and chronic stress, which increase your likelihood of developing headaches. Therefore, if you can effectively improve your sleep and reduce your stress and anxiety, this can help relieve your headaches.

A grounding mat works to both lower stress and improves your sleep quality by lowering your body’s cortisol levels. Our bodies today are constantly in a state of electrical energy imbalance due to an overconsumption of positive electrical energy.

However, grounding mats provide the ability to deliver negative electrical energy to the body and thus balance your body’s energy levels.

Balancing your energy levels helps to lower cortisol levels (stress levels) which helps you improve the quality of your sleep. Improvement in your sleep can then help improve your chronic headaches by resolving the source of the issue (stress & lack of quality sleep) vs masking your headache with medication.

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