Can You Put a Sheet Over a Grounding Mat?

Sheet over grounding mat

November 18, 2022 By Mark Hansen

You can use a sheet over a grounding mat and still experience the positive effects of grounding. A grounding mat can be great to lie on while you sleep; however, it may not be the most comfortable. Placing a sheet over a grounding mat provides you the ability to feel more comfortable while you sleep, while still working to neutralise your electrical energy levels in bed.

While direct skin contact is always the best option to receive maximum grounding benefits, you can still ground through a sheet. However, several factors like moisture, thickness, and material can make or break the effectiveness of putting a sheet over a grounding mat. Read on to discover what you need to consider to successfully ground through a sheet over a grounding mat.

Stick with Conductive Materials, Not Man-Made Materials

Direct skin contact with your grounding mat is optimal to experience the full grounding benefits. That being said, you can still put a thin, conductive sheet over a grounding mat to successfully ground.

When choosing your sheet, ensure it is made of conductive materials like cotton or bamboo that will allow for a more efficient grounding transference from the mat, through the sheet, into the body. Stay away from sheets made of man-made materials such as polyester which are bad conductors.

Obviously, the thinner the material the better the electrical energy will be able to transfer through. Placing a thick sheet or blanket over a grounding mat will make it difficult for the electrical energy to go through the layer on the grounding mat.

Moisture is another critical way to promote the effects of grounding if you have a sheet over a grounding mat. Throughout the night as you naturally sweat, the sheet can absorb this moisture to further help strengthen and speed up the indirect transference from the grounding mat to the body.

Specially Designed Grounding Sheets Provide A Solution

If you are worried the sheet over your grounding mat is negatively affecting your grounding experience, consider buying a grounding sheet instead.

A grounding sheet provides the same comfort as any other sheet would with the added element of being created with silver threading perfect for conducting electrical energy! If you choose to use a grounding sheet, you won’t need to place it overtop a grounding mat. The grounding sheet can simply work on its own, without a grounding mat.

Choose Your Sheet Wisely

While bare skin contact with your grounding mat is best, the right sheet can provide both comfort and the ability to successfully ground, even over your grounding mat. When choosing the sheet to put over your grounding mat, ensure you pick a sheet that is thin and made of some form of conductive material (i.e. cotton) so you can maximise the indirect transfer of electrons from the mat to your body.

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