Do Grounding Mats Work Through Clothes?

grounding through clothes

November 18, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Whether you are using your grounding mat for yoga or while you sleep, chances are you’re wearing some article of clothing. Grounding is best with direct skin contact; however, sometimes it may not be comfortable or practical. Yet, you can still reap the benefits of indirect energy transfer from your grounding mat through your clothing.

Read on to learn how moisture, type of material, and material thickness play a role in the effectiveness of using your grounding mat to ground through your clothes.

Clothes Transfer Electrical Energy Via Moisture

While grounding results are best if you have direct skin contact, a grounding mat can work through clothes. This is because if the clothing has some slight moisture on it, whether it be from sweating or thanks to the humidity, this will enable electrical energy to transfer from the grounding mat, through the clothing, into the body. Water is a fantastic conductor, which explains how a bit of moisture can go a long way in helping transfer electrical energy.

It’s important to note you don’t need to be soaking in sweat or intentionally wearing damp clothing to successfully use your grounding mat to ground through your clothes. A slight to moderate amount of moisture simply promotes the electrical energy transfer through your clothes.

The material of your clothing and the thickness also matter. Conductive clothing materials like cotton, wool, or any natural fiber are great to wear when using a grounding mat. Also, opt for thinner materials to promote the energy flow from the mat, through your clothes, and into the body.

Socks Can Transfer Energy from Mat to Body

A grounding mat is commonly used to practice yoga and other exercises in which your feet are oftentimes firmly on the mat. When using your grounding mat, you can wear socks and still receive negative electrical energy from the mat. However, for best grounding results, it is ideal to go barefoot if you feel comfortable doing so.

Our feet have the most conductive nerve endings in our body, which helps explain why going barefoot is the best way to receive the greatest amount of electrons from your grounding mat. That being said, your feet do have sweat glands. When you wear socks, especially if you are sweating while using your mat, the energy from the grounding mat will be able to transfer more through your socks if they are slightly sweaty/damp.

Direct Skin Contact vs. Indirect Transference Through Clothes: Which is better?

Direct skin contact is best to receive optimal results using your grounding mat. Yet, grounding mats still work through clothes, especially if there is a bit of moisture on the clothing, the material of the clothing is conductive, and the material is relatively thin. All these factors, moisture, material types, and thickness play a significant role in effectively transferring Earth’s negative energy source from the mat, through your clothes, into the body.

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