Grounding Mat for Your Car: Do You Need One?

Grounding Mat for Car

December 12, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Grounding mats are a versatile product to help neutralise free radicals in your body to improve your health and well-being. Whether you use your grounding mat while you sleep or while you exercise, there are several ways to ground indoors. You can even ground inside your car!

While technically not a “true” grounding mat that can indirectly transfer negative energy to your body from the Earth’s surface, a grounding mat for your car can still provide many health benefits. This is because a grounding mat for your car dispels static electricity from your body that builds up as you drive.


Improve Your Health While You Drive

You may be surprised to learn driving can negatively impact your body’s electrical charge. “Road fatigue” is very much a thing and can occur as your body is exposed to excess static electricity when you drive.

While being tired is never good, being tired while you drive can be especially dangerous. Therefore, to improve your physical and mental alertness while you drive, consider using a grounding mat for your car, otherwise known as an auto seat mat.

An auto seat mat is not exactly like a traditional grounding mat because a grounding mat for your car is unable to truly ground from the Earth. However, a grounding mat for your car can dispel static electricity that can build up on your body as you drive, while also working to connect your body to electrons coming from your car’s battery to improve your health.

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How It Works

Grounding mats for cars work because the mat uses a conductive seat that drains excess positive energy from the body while driving which can lower your energy levels and negatively impact your focus and safety behind the wheel.

To use your auto mat seat, first, place your auto seat mat flat on your seat (do not place it on the floor of your car). From there, attach the auto coil cord onto the top conductive side of your mat and then underneath the car seat to the metal frame of your car.

To maximize the benefits of using your auto seat mat, try to use direct skin contact for optimal results, or try to wear thinner materials.


Benefits of Using a Grounding Car Mat

There are a variety of benefits of using an auto seat mat while you drive which can not only improve your physical and mental health but improve your safety while you drive.

1. Improves Relaxation

Grounding mats for cars can provide a more calming, relaxing effect that can naturally reduce your stress while driving.

2. Increases Alertness

You can also experience increased energy levels and a sense of alertness critical for safe driving.

3. Experience a Safer Driving Experience

Increasing your focus and alertness behind the wheel can make a huge impact on how you drive to safely get to your destination.

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