How Long Does A Grounding Mat Last?

How Long Does A Grounding Mat Last

December 12, 2022 By Mark Hansen

A grounding mat can be an effective way to balance your body’s electrical energy. However, your grounding mat must work properly to ensure your body is experiencing the full effects of grounding. Failure to take care of your grounding mat over time can minimise the grounding mat’s benefits.

While your grounding mat won’t last forever, you can extend your mat’s longevity by thoroughly cleaning your mat the right way. Whether you are considering getting a grounding mat of your own, or are interested in extending your mat’s life, keep reading!


Grounding Mats Can Last Several Years

While the life of a grounding mat depends on a variety of factors, expect your grounding mat to last anywhere from 1 to 5 years. Many factors such as the overall material and quality of your grounding mat, and how you as the user take care of your grounding mat influence the life of your mat.

Since a majority of grounding mats are made of conductive leather material, this durable material is rather long-lasting, allowing users to use their grounding mat for many years.

The main reason you would want to replace your grounding mat is if it stopped working. Without your grounding mat indirectly transferring Earth’s negative electrical energy to your body, this mat would simply be any other ordinary mat.

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How to Maintain Your Grounding Mats Longevity

Most quality grounding mats are long-lasting; however, to make the most of your grounding mat’s life, follow these 3 simple tips to lengthen your mat’s longevity.

1. Invest in a Quality Grounding Mat Upfront

The material of your grounding mat can make a difference in how long your mat lasts. Luckily, nearly all grounding mats are made of conductive leather material essential to transfer electrons into the body. Leather is naturally a durable material that can withstand daily wear and tear quite well.

2. Consistently Clean Your Mat

Maintaining your grounding mat’s cleanliness is essential to extend your mat’s longevity. This is because as you consistently use your mat to ground, inevitably your grounding mat will build up sweat, dirt, and grim that can negatively impact your ability to receive full grounding benefits.

3. Clean Your Grounding Mat the Right Way

How you clean your grounding mat matters. This is because if you accidentally clean your mat the wrong way, this can negatively impact your mat’s conductivity. Therefore, avoid using any chlorine bleach, liquid fabric softener, or any form of detergent that may contain bleach or fabric softener as these chemicals can ruin your mat’s conductivity.

Instead, opt for noncorrosive cleaner products that will not negatively impact your mat’s conductive ability. For a quick clean, simply damp a towel to wipe down your mat.

For a deeper clean, consider using a dish soap and water solution to wipe down your grounding mat. Make sure to thoroughly wipe away any excess soap residue on your mat, as this can block your mat’s ability to transfer electrons.

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