Crystal Grounding Mats: What Are They & What Do They Do?

Crystal Grounding Mat

December 12, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Crystals aren’t just pretty stones, but interacting with crystals in various areas of the body has been found to provide several physical and mental health benefits. Therefore, thanks to their healing properties, crystals like amethyst have been used in conjunction with grounding mats to elevate the grounding experience. This is because both grounding and crystals provide universal benefits such as relaxation, improved mood, mental clarity, and more to improve your health and well-being.


Crystals Provide Various Healing Properties

While many crystals have healing properties, the type of crystal you interact with will influence the unique healing properties you may experience. For instance, many crystal grounding mats especially use the amethyst crystal inside the mat itself to enhance the user’s grounding experience.

These amethyst crystals are universally lined throughout the mat’s interior so your body can experience the crystal’s healing properties while using the mat.


Amethyst Grounding Mat with Far Infrared Ray Technology

A majority of crystal grounding mats are made using amethyst. Many amethyst grounding mats use far infrared ray (FIR) technology to further enhance the healing properties of the amethyst crystals inside the mat.

Far Infrared rays are considered the healthiest part of the invisible sun spectrum that effectively transfers heat energy to the body without exposing your body to harmful UV rays. In other words, far infrared rays are the safest and most effective electromagnetic energy, unlike shorter wavelengths like UV rays that can harm your body.

Far infrared rays are used in the crystal grounding mat by sending pulses of energy through the mat which then pass through the amethyst crystals within the mat. The crystals then emit heat energy deep into the body to improve your overall health.


How Crystals within the Grounding Mat Improve Your Health

Crystals have a long-standing history of having healing powers; therefore, it’s no surprise that crystal grounding mats can help users elevate their grounding experience. One popular belief of how crystals improve your health is by interacting with your body’s energy fields, otherwise known as vibrational energy.

Through working with your body’s energy fields, crystals help to redirect the flow of energy in your body. So, if you have an area of the body that’s energy is “stuck”, interacting with crystals will help provide balance and flow to unblock that area of your body.

Ultimately, crystals can be extremely beneficial to grounding mats because each (the mat and the crystals inside the mat) works to balance your energy levels to live a healthier life. This is all thanks to the crystal’s vibrational energy and healing properties working deep within the body when using the mat to help you feel more relaxed, centered, and mentally focused.

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