Do Grounding Mats Work for Dogs?

grounding mats for dogs

November 18, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Humans aren’t the only ones that can benefit from grounding. Grounding equipment for dogs like grounding beds and mats provides the perfect opportunity to neutralize your dog’s electrical charge.

Pets can experience an imbalance of electrical energy just like people, especially if they spend the majority of their time indoors. Yet, grounding mats for dogs can balance their electrical energy to lead healthier, happier lives. Read on to learn more about how your dog can benefit from a grounding mat.


How Does A Grounding Mat for Dogs Work

A grounding mat for dogs works exactly the same as a grounding mat for humans. The grounding dog mat comes with a cord that you attach to a nearby grounding port. Once connected to the port, the negative electrical energy from Earth’s surface will transfer from the ground to the port, through the cord, to the grounding dog mat, and into your dog.

The grounding mat is made of conductive material so when the pet sits or lays on the mat, the energy can easily transfer from the mat to the dog. There are several places you can put your dog’s grounding mat such as inside their crate, dog bed, or even an area of the floor where they often lay.

However, keep in mind you will need to connect the grounding mat to a ground port; therefore, carefully consider where you choose to put the mat.

It’s important to note there are dog-specific grounding mats and other grounding equipment exclusively designed for pets; however, your dog can still experience the same benefits if they come into direct contact with your own grounding mat at home.


Grounding Mat for Dogs


Where to Put the Grounding Dog Mat

Any dog owner knows how difficult it can be to get their dog to stay anywhere in one place. Since grounding works best consistently over time, it’s critical to consider the best potential places to put your dog’s grounding mat. Otherwise, it may never be used by your pup.

Consider common areas where your dog sleeps such as their dog bed, crate, or a certain area of your house. The key is to get your dog to lay or sit on the mat consistently to experience optimal grounding results.

Also, ensure you get the correct size mat for your dog’s specific needs. For example, if you have a large breed dog, consider getting a mat that appropriately suits their size.


Grounding Benefits for Dogs

Like humans, dogs can experience various negative health effects from overexposure to positive electrical energy. This includes your dog feeling stressed, tired, experiencing chronic pain and inflammation, and more.

By incorporating a grounding mat for dogs into their crate, bed, or common area of your home they frequent, you are helping to neutralize the free radicals in your pet which ultimately helps their physical and mental well-being.

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