Do Grounding Mats Help You Sleep?

Grounding mat helps you sleep

December 5, 2022 By Mark Hansen

About 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep problems. A lack of quality sleep can negatively impact nearly all aspects of your life. Lower levels of productivity, an increased risk of mental illness, and a poorer overall quality of life are some of the many negative implications tied to not getting enough sleep.

Chronic stress is the main factor that can significantly impair your ability to fall and stay asleep throughout the night. While lowering your stress levels is easier said than done, grounding mats provide a natural and effective method to lower your body’s cortisol levels to help you sleep better throughout the night.

If you’ve been struggling with one too many sleepless nights, read on to learn how grounding mats can help you sleep more soundly.


Grounding Helps to Decrease Cortisol Levels

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder that negatively impairs a person’s ability to fall and stay asleep. While it’s unclear what causes insomnia, many link stress and anxiety to have a major impact on insomnia.

Luckily, grounding mats provide the perfect solution to effectively lower your stress to improve your overall sleep quality. While you sleep, as long as you have direct skin contact with your grounding mat, the mat can transfer negative electrical energy to balance your body’s energy imbalance.

An electrical energy imbalance in your body can heighten your cortisol levels (a stress hormone), which makes you feel more anxious and stressed. However, by consistently using your grounding mat while you sleep, you are naturally lowering your cortisol levels which will help you feel less stressed and help you fall asleep faster.


Grounding Helps Every Part of the Sleeping Process

By lowering your stress, grounding mats can significantly improve your quality of sleep in all aspects of the sleeping process.


Helps You Fall Asleep Faster

First, lower stress levels thanks to your grounding mat will help you fall asleep faster and get more quality sleep.


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Lowers Pain to Stay Asleep Throughout the Night

Grounding mats have also been found to help with chronic pain and inflammation. Therefore, if you wake up constantly throughout the night due to chronic pain, a grounding mat can help reduce your pain so you experience fewer sleep disruptions.


Improves Your Fatigue

Inevitably, the more quality sleep you can get the night before, the less tired you’ll feel the next morning. If you struggle with morning fatigue, a grounding mat can help you get more sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.


Increases Your Overall Energy Levels

Similarly, grounding mats improve your energy levels. Because grounding mats help balance your electrical energy, your body both day and night don’t constantly feel stressed and fatigued from too much positive energy. Therefore, you’ll experience higher energy levels during the day thanks to a grounding mat.

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