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Where to Buy Grounding Sheets

December 2, 2020 By perry227

Are you trying to figure out where to buy a sheet for earthing? I can help you find quality grounding products.

I spent a lot of time researching the best places to find earthing or grounding sheets when I was searching for a way to relieve my chronic insomnia. Over time, the symptoms were lessened, due to using my earthing sheet and mat.

There are many earthing products out there and I understand that it can be overwhelming to do the research on your own. It can be hard to determine if a mat or sheet is best- among other things.

This post is going to cover how to determine if an earthing product is a quality and what the effects of getting grounded are.

Feel free to use my email address if you have questions.

Keep reading to find out what earthing vendors I recommend!

Best Grounding Sheets and Where to Buy Them

Before we delve into the best grounding sheet, you want to know the size you need. Do you want a half earthing sheet or a full one?

Also, keep in mind that only a small portion of your body needs to make contact with the cotton sheet to achieve the benefits.

Your earthing sheet does not need to cover your full mattress for it to work. If you sleep without tossing and turning, you may use a smaller size effectively. However, if you are restless when sleeping, you need a larger sheet to ensure you always are in contact with it.

Material Choices

Rights reserved earthing sheet should be comfortable. Cotton is a great choice for a sheet or mat since it allows you to breathe easily. The silver running through the shee is often thing and unnoticeable- but excellent at keeping you grounded.

Other materials can not compare to cotton, make sure you purchase this kind for your mattress if you want to sleep comfortably.

Cord Length

The cord length should cover the area from the bed to your outlet. If you have an old house, make sure you test the outlet first. Not every outlet is grounded in older homes, which can cause issues.

Best Earthing/Grounding Product Vendors

When looking for where to buy earthing sheets from, you will want to start your search with one of these vendors. They can provide you with quality earth products that help you ground at home, increase healing, and reduce inflammation.

If you want to improve your sleeping habits, this is where you should look first for new products!

1. Amazon

For products like earthing sheets that are pretty niche and unusual, Amazon is often actually the best overall place to buy. The reason is because there are vendors who sell these products on Amazon and nowhere else, because that’s where they can find enough buyers of these niche products. So you actually end up with the largest selection on earth at Amazon.

Aside from that, you get all the standard Amazon-only benefits like easy returns and super fast shipping. Plus, the prices are competitive because that’s where all the vendors are!

2. Earthing

This vendor offers bundle deals on their earthing products, making it easy to get grounded with a variety of tools. If you are new to earthing and want to find a new mat or sheet that works for you, they offer a ton of ways to ground at home. Their starter kit would be the best to check out first.

Their products reduce stress and improve your recovery results–any benefit you could expect from natural grounding can work from their items.

In my research, I noticed that people even loved customer service from this place. Teams were always available and many people reported they received top-notch assistance with their order. It seems like Earthing customer service will go out of their way to correct your order. I like it when brands are available, and I am sure you do too.

This company has a variety of products as well. Conductive chairs, a pet bed, mattress covers- plus more! If you can imagine it, they probably have it. This means you can find something better suited to you, even if you have not seen results in the past.

The price of their goods can be on the expensive side. Although you are paying for quality. They also have cotton options, so you will not sweat at night.


  • Offer more than just mats
  • Perfect for comfort, sleep, and body health
  • Easy to use- just plug into an outlet
  • Conductive items that work with any mattress
  • Quality items that replicate natural ground at home


  • Expensive
  • No free trials or samples available

3. Grounded

If you want to try earthing or grounding, this company has a quality mat that you can try at home. It should sort out your electrons and fit in the bed.

Their website states that the product is durable and versatile. It works in the office or at home- as long as you can make contact with the conductive material. They are a bit more affordable and may suit your budget better. Plus, if cotton bothers you, you can remove the cover while you ground.

I also appreciated they had uploaded videos describing how using the items worked. If you have never used an earthing mat, they have videos on all their goods. They explain how electrons and the conductive process works if you need to learn more on that as well.

If you do not like using earthing mats to ground, you might prefer their silver sheet or their earthing sleep system. I am sure you can get something that you will use for a long time from this site- they offer the popular silver half sheet everyone wants to use.


  • May offer all grounded benefits such as reduced pain, stress, and inflammation
  • Made informative health videos you can watch about earthing and your body
  • Have made many different earthing tools to ground anywhere
  • Decent affordability


  • Harder to find what earth products you want on the site
  • Could not find reviews made on customer service

4. Ultimate Longevity

This is another vendor that offers quality earthing and grounding products designed by Clint Ober. Their website states that 20 research studies have been conducted on grounding and how their items use that theory.

Their page also offers a lot of information on how electrons work in the earth and in your body. The products they have to offer the benefits you would expect- reduced chronic inflammation, better skin, and other body improvements. If you want to get results at night, they have the top items to offer.

The company’s top deals offer you combo packs. For example, an earth pillowcase and sleep mat. When you buy your ground items in a bundle, you are usually getting a better deal.

Since they have name brand earthing goods, they do tend to be expensive. I recommend buying an earthing mat from them when they are on sale or on a special deal.

The cords are long, so you should be able to easily reach an outlet. Overall, this is another earth vendor that makes it easier to ground.


  • Offers you benefits like better skin, sleep, and lowered stress
  • High quality inventory that makes grounding efficient
  • Durable grounding mats
  • Helpful customer service


  • Expensive

Caring for Your Grounding Sheet

When you have the best set of earthing sheets, you want to take care of them, so that they last you years.

Most rights reserved earthing sheets can be washed easily. However, you want to make sure you check the instructions beforehand. You would not want to ruin the silver in the sheets. Washing them every week or two is enough, especially if you only sleep with them.

To clean your earthing sheets, start by removing the cord. Most will come off easily. Then, you wash your sheets on a normal cycle and put them in the dryer on low. I recommend that you wash the rest of your bedding after, since putting your clean earthing sheet on a dirty bed will just undo your cleaning.

I always use a mild detergent, one that does not have whiteners like bleach inside. Bleach will easily ruin the silver wires in your blanket- never use it. Other oxidizing detergents can damage the conductive nature as well.

Another way to care for your sheets or mat is to handle the cord with care. It can easily become a tripping hazard, so you want to always know where it is around your bed. Ripping it from the outlet can damage it- which is what causes most earthing sheets to stop working.

Overall, they are easy to manage. Just make sure that you do your best and the silver material in the cotton sheets will last you a good while. Keep in mind that if you use it daily, it may wear out the earth half sheet faster. A mat is more durable, but it is up to you and your body with what you choose.

Final Thoughts on Where to Buy Grounding Sheets

I try to ground daily or two times with my half sheet or one of my mats. I feel that my inflammation and chronic insomnia have lessened since I started.

While searching for a grounding item, make sure that it works for you. Also, keep in mind the quality, cost, and length of the cable. There are many vendors that want to provide you with a way to get grounded, but I only listed the best ones to use here.

If you want to learn more about grounding, be sure to check out the rest of my posts. If you happen to have a question, I would love to answer it- just send me a message through my email address. I can inform you of how grounding contact can assist you easily at home.

I recommend that you read the book on grounding by Ober for more detailed information, especially if you have chronic inflammation and pain like I used to.