What Is a Grounding Blanket?

What is a Grounding Blanket

November 4, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Standing barefoot on the Earth’s surface is an effective way for the body to naturally receive electrons directly from the ground. However, sometimes being outdoors and having direct skin contact with the ground isn’t practical for many people. Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the many benefits of grounding.

A grounding blanket is one way to indirectly replicate touching Earth’s surface while being indoors. A grounding blanket appears and functions as any other blanket would except for the fact its interior is lined with silver.  This silver lining provides the conductive abilities essential to help transfer energy from Earth to the body.

Learn more about a grounding blanket below to discover what exactly a grounding blanket is made of, and how it is created to help transfer electrical energy.


Comfy Blanket Exterior Lined with Conductive Silver Threading Inside

A grounding blanket is a type of grounding equipment that indirectly transfers electrons from the ground into the body. A grounding blanket resembles the look and feel of any ordinary blanket, having a soft, fluffy exterior that makes for a comfortable layer while cozying up on your bed or sofa.

The main difference is a grounding blanket is lined with silver fiber which is the conductive element essential to transfer the electronic energy from the blanket through to the body.

Grounding blankets can range in size and use. Whether used as a throw blanket or bed blanket, both types of grounding blankets serve the same purpose to neutralize the body’s electronic energy by tapping into Earth’s endless supply of electrons.

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Medium To Indirectly Transfer Earth’s Negative Electrical Energy

The grounding blanket provides a safe medium by which to draw from Earth’s energy source. Users need a medium, like a grounding blanket, that they can easily connect to the blanket from a grounding port via a wire.

Therefore, to successfully transfer electrons from Earth to the body, the process consists of energy from the ground going through the grounding port, through a cord, into the blanket, and ultimately into the body with direct skin contact.

A grounding blanket mimics the Earth’s electrical energy by streamlining electrons into the body thanks to the blanket’s series of connections. Plus, since the human body is conductive, this enables the energy to transfer from the grounding blanket into the body.

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Naturally Provides Electronic Equilibrium to the Body While Indoors

Electrical energy equalization is critical to living a balanced life and helps ward off negative health consequences like chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety commonly linked to the body’s energy imbalance. A grounding blanket essentially replicates the Earth’s surface and generates an electrical link between the Earth, the blanket, and the user

Although the blanket’s fluffy exterior may not seem viable in electrical energy transfer, the conductive silver lining inside the blanket helps conduct electricity. This is done by the grounding blanket receiving the electric charge through the wire which transfers from the blanket to the body, which then neutralizes the body’s unnaturally high levels of positive energy.

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