What is An Earthing Sheet?

GroundLuxe sheet with label

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

Since I used to be an ex-insomniac, I know how difficult it can be to fall asleep. I looked online for different solutions to my problem. I repeatedly found that earthing sheets are a natural choice for sleeping well, but it wasn’t easy to find out exactly what they are.

So, I thought it would help to create an extensive overview of what grounding sheets are. In this article, I will go over the science of earthing, what is an earthing sheet, and how to use them. Read on to find out all of those things and more.

What Are Earthing Sheets?

Even though earthing is good for you, very few people want to take the time to do it or get dirty by touching our body to the ground. Those who live in cities might not even have grounding as an option. This is where earthing sheets come into play: they let you stay grounded in your own home, without going outside with bare feet. What is a grounding sheet, though?

Earthing sheets allow you to ground yourself indoors and while sleeping. So, you can ground yourself without touching your body to the earth, simply by using a mat or sheet.

Earthing sheets can come in different bedding forms like fitted sheets, half sheets, full-sized, or any other size. You simply get them for your bed and put them on top of your bed as you would normal sheets. When you get into bed, you can ground yourself completely, helping you have a better night’s sleep in the process.

There are other earthing products too. For example, there are earthing mats and pads available.

The Science of Earthing

Earthing is when you connect with the earth and get grounded in it. You can do this by walking barefoot on the ground or touching it directly with your skin. It doesn’t matter exactly how you ground, as long as you directly contact the earth.

Historically, humans have had direct contact with the natural earth, but the modern world often prevents this from occurring. From wearing rubber-soled shoes to sitting inside often, we rarely have time to connect with the earth and practice grounding.

It might sound a little weird thinking that grounding has any significance, but it does. The earth has a slight negative charge. Whenever we touch our body to the earth, it can equalize the electrons in our body. As a result, grounding can reduce free radicals, which are molecules with unpaired electrons.

Many people assume that grounding is a weird idea, but it has been studied extensively by modern science too. All around, earthing is the scientific understanding of connecting to the earth so that it can equalize your electrons.

What Are the Health Benefits of Earthing?

Earthing is when you connect to the earth. So what?

Despite the simplicity of grounding, it has a number of positive side effects since it reduces free radicals. As I’ve already mentioned, I use grounding sheets to sleep more soundly. I am not the only one with this experience. Grounding products are great tools to use for falling asleep and staying that way.

Part of the reason that earthing is so helpful for sleep is that it reduces stress and helps normalize your circadian rhythm, which is the body’s biological routine for sleeping. When you rest your body or skin on the material, it equalizes and relaxes, helping you fall asleep.

Additionally, research suggests that using earthing sheets is a great option for chronic diseases and chronic inflammation. Studies suggest that earthing products may increase cortisol levels. When cortisol levels rise, inflammation is reduced. As you reduce inflammation, you can also reduce chronic pain and increase energy.

Earthing has also been used for circulation and other blood-related issues. It may relieve muscle tension, improve minstrel symptoms, speed the healing process, and normalize blood pressure and blood flow.

All around, earthing may improve a number of health benefits and you’re well being. Research is continually coming out about the effectiveness and health benefits of this simple practice from your sleep to your blood.

How Do Earthing Sheets Work?

At this point, you are probably wondering how and if earthing sheets work. In short, earthing sheets use conductive silver and nylon to conduct an electric charge comparable to the earth. The silver is especially important because it carries the charge to keep you grounded. Without these materials, the sheets wouldn’t be able to equalize your electrons.

Earthing sheets also come with a cord to plug into an electrical outlet. You need to plug in the cord for the silver wires to get the connection they need. If your outlets are not suitable for these products, then you can use one grounding rod instead. Although the sheets will have some charge from your electrical outlet, they will largely mimic the earth, making them safe and effective.

Because of the cord and conductive materials, the sheets act just as though the earth does when they touch your body. The product has a slight negative charge that is able to eliminate free radicals from your body and ground you while you sleep.

What Is the Best Earthing Sheet?

We have a more extensive review of earthing sheets here, but if we’ll repeat the top option here for convenience.

GroundLuxe Organic Cotton Earthing Sheet

The top earthing sheet bedding is the GroundLuxe Organic Earthing Sheet. This sheet has a fitted sheet design and is made with 400 thread count cotton. This makes it soft, comfortable, and breathable for sleeping. It is made with silver wires so that it can conduct energy effectively. The silver wire is completely pure.

The cord is 16 feet long. This means that you can pug the system into just about any electrical outlet in your room. Additionally, this brand offers queen size or king size bedding.

Final Thoughts on Grounding Sheets

Grounding sheets or mats allow you to connect to the earth while staying in your home. This can help you reduce pain and stress, treat chronic inflammation, sleep better, and improve your well being. By connecting these sheets into an outlet, the silver wire mimics the earth, so you can get the same benefits of walking barefoot outside while you sleep in your comfortable bed.