What Is a Grounding Mat?

What is an earthing mat?

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

After years of struggling with poor sleep and medication that didn’t seem to help, I needed an alternative. Thanks to grounding mats and practicing earthing, I am now content.

But what do grounding mats do exactly and are they right for you? Join me as I share my research into the innovative practice called earthing.

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What Is a Grounding Mat and What Makes It Unique?

What is an earthing pad? Quite simply, it is a device that looks like a yoga mat that emulates the effects of walking outside barefoot. By using conductive carbon threads in the mat, a connection of energy is relayed through your body.


How Does Grounding Work?

The idea is that grounding balances the electric charge between the earth and our bodies. This balance is believed to be responsible for improving health functions throughout the body.

The earth produces a slightly negative charge. Through contact and proximity to electronics, our bodies build up a positive charge. When you walk barefoot on the ground, this charge is equaled out, potentially resulting in some amazing benefits.


What Does an Earthing Mat Do?

In short, earthing mats or pads take the place of the ground outside. This results in your body getting the effects of the outdoors while inside.

The grounding mat puts your body in contact with the earth via the electrical system in your house, producing the same benefits that you would get if were walking outside without shoes.

The connection you get from an earthing pad is very much the same as what you’d get from the earth. The energy is then absorbed into your body, resulting in a myriad of benefits.


Why Use Grounding?

By harnessing the earth’s energy and making direct contact with the earth, the human body can experience amazing benefits. Studies show that there are many potential health benefits of earthing, from improving cardiovascular disease to increasing blood flow.

One study, in particular, revealed that grounding benefits blood viscosity, resulting in a better immune response. This alone is a huge advantage that our bodies need to fight illnesses and diseases. With regular use, you may see faster healing and better health overall.

Although studies are relatively few, the ones we do have show that earthing is helpful to many people and for many different ailments. It’s a great way for people to get off of medications and try something safer and all-natural.


Types of Grounding or Earthing

Earthing is available in many different products. It’s important to understand that you must them without shoes. Your bare feet have to make contact with the surface of the mat, this way you are able to get the direct energy to your body.

You can also find earthing products in the form of bedding, allowing you to feel the effects of earthing while you sleep. Whatever products you decide to try, it’s important that you first make sure your home will work with it.

You can test each outlet in your home by investing in an outlet checker. This device helps you determine if an outlet is properly grounded. If the outlet is grounded, you can safely use grounding products.

If you try to use grounding products with an outlet that isn’t grounded, then your body isn’t connected to the earth and it won’t work. Always make sure that you review each ground port prior to plugging in a ground wire. the outlet checker will alert you if your ground port isn’t properly grounded.

If the connection is good, however, you can look forward to the many advantages that come from grounding products.



If you are tired of taking medications for your ailments and are ready to see if the earth is right for you, I encourage you to check out earthing products.

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