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March 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

Review of: Smart Nora

Used for: Stopping snoring


The Smart Nora is a revolution in snoring knowledge. Using unique vibration technology, this great product stimulates the muscles of the throat in such way that it increases relaxation, enhances normal breathing, and stops snoring in its tracks. A great option for anyone who suffers from snoring in any way, shape, or form.

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Many people don’t realise it, but sleep is one of the most important things that you can provide your body. Poor sleep has been linked weight gain and an associated difficulty losing fat mass, a heightened risk of cardiovascular and metabolic disease, an increase in mental health issues, all in conjunction with global declines in health.

To put it mildly, sleep is damn important.

And there is nothing more disrupting to sleep than snoring.

Snoring can lead to wakefulness throughout the night, an inability to fall asleep, and even difficulty breathing during sleep – all of which lead to subsequent declines in sleep quality and health.

In fact, people who snore have been shown to be at an increased risk of developing sleep apnea [1], heart disease [2], gastrointestinal issues [3], depression and anxiety [4], cognitive dysfunction [5], weight gain [6], and even a lower libido [7].

But fortunately for us, snoring is not a death sentence.

Enter the Smart Nora.

How Does the Smart Nora Work?

The Smart Nora is a bit of a revolution in terms of snoring related products. It is the first of its kind, and really does approach the correction of snoring from a brand-new perspective!

You see, the Smart Nora essentially a small inflatable pillow that slides just under your normal pillow, around throat height – however, it acts as a whole lot more than ‘just a pillow’. The Smart Nora pillow is attached to a unique sensor that picks up the sound of you snoring. 

As soon as you snore loud enough to be detected by the human ear, the sensor is activated, where it then proceeds to stimulate the pillow. The pillow then undergoes extremely gentle movements to stimulate the muscles of the throat, opening the airways and allowing natural breathing to resume, thus stopping you from snoring.

Pretty amazing, right?

It is important to note that while the vibration and movement that the pillow undergoes is enough to stimulate the muscles of the throat, you can barely feel it – meaning that it will not wake you up or affect your quality of sleep in any manner!

Is the Smart Nora Easy to Use?

The Smart Nora comes with a thorough set of instructions that explain how to use the product in an extremely straightforward way – although I must admit, that even without the instructions you could work out how to use this simple but effective product.

You simply slide the insert into your pillow case, under your pillow, and place the sensor somewhere close to you. A bedside table is perfect, while even on the ground next to your bed will also do the trick.

After that, simply plug it into the wall, and go to sleep!

Due to the unique nature of the product, it doesn’t matter whether you sleep on your side, back, or front – the stimulation will still be effective!

Who is the Smart Nora for?

To be completely honest, the Smart Nora is suitable for absolutely anyone who suffers from snoring. Due to its gentle action, it is unlikely to wake even the lightest of sleepers. Moreover, it doesn’t rely on any chemicals or supplements to promote enhance sleep quality, meaning that it doesn’t elicit any side effects.

It can really be used in any snoring situation!

Who Should Not Use the Smart Nora?

Building on the above point slightly, the Smart Nora appears to be the perfect option for literally anyone who suffers from snoring on the regular. However, it is highly unlikely to cause global improvements in sleep quality in those who do not suffer from snoring.

So, if you are looking for a product to enhance your quality of sleep but don’t snore, then this is definitely not for you.

Is the Smart Nora Effective?

Now while I am not a snorer, I have the rather unpleasant experience of sleeping next to one every couple of nights.

My partner has snored consistently ever since he was a child (something that he blames on puberty… which doesn’t make much sense if you ask me). While it isn’t always terrible, it can make it challenging for me to go to sleep, and it often results in him waking up spontaneously throughout the night – which obviously impacts his quality of sleep in a rather negative manner.

In my mind, he was the perfect guinea pig!

I had dinner at his place, and then went in and set up the Smart Nora on his side of the bed. We ended up hopping into bed at around 10.00pm, which is pretty normal for us.  Now what normally happens from here is he falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, and I’m stuck tightly closing my eyes while trying to ignore the grating noise of his snoring right next to me.

But that didn’t happen last night.

He started snoring after lying there for a bout 5 minutes, and I heard the smallest vibration sound coming from the pillow – and the snoring stopped.

It was actually a little weird.

I deliberately stayed awake for a little longer waiting to hear the process happen again, which it did another two times over the next 45 minutes or so – pretty cool really!

While the vibration noise may irritate some people, it is much better then the snoring itself – in fact I could only really hear it when I focused on it. So, in my mind, the Smart Nora did its job extremely effectively,

As a bonus, my partner woke up feeling more refreshed than he had in weeks, also suggesting that he experienced a deeper and less restless sleep as a result.


The Smart Nora is a great product that can stop snoring and improve sleep quality easily and efficiently. Moreover, considering that it can be applied to any individual and any sleeping position, it is a great natural treatment for literally anyone who experiences snoring.

So, give it a go and get back to us – we would absolutely love to hear how you went with it!

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