How to Use an Earthing Mat

How to use a grounding mat

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

For many adults, getting older isn’t much fun. There are health concerns to worry about and often difficulty sleeping at night. But what if I told you there was a safe and effective way to get a great night’s rest? Thanks to earthing mats, you can enjoy a fuller, healthier life!

In this article, I’ll show you how to use an earthing mat and talk about some of the many benefits that come with it.

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How Do You Plug In a Grounding Mat?

Lots of people frequently ask questions about the use of earthing mats and how they are to be plugged in. Since there are many different types of outlet configurations around the world, it’s important to know whether yours are properly grounded.

The outlets you can use for earthing are called “grounded” outlets. Many outlets are not grounded properly, particularly in older houses. Because of this, you’ll need to check your outlets to ensure that they are properly grounded.

In the United States, you can typically tell if your outlets are grounded by checking to make sure that they have three total holes (two vertical slots above and one hole below). However, this isn’t fool-proof.

Houses can be improperly wired or 3-prong outlets can be installed such that the grounding wire isn’t attached. If you have ANY outlets in your older house that only have 2 prongs, you should check to see if your 3-prong outlets are actually grounded as that’s an indication that your electrical system may not be grounded properly.


Test Your Outlets

It’s important to note again that just because your outlet has a ground hole doesn’t necessarily mean that it is indeed grounded. As such, you will need to test your outlet to make sure that it is actually grounded. To do this, you should invest in an outlet ground checker.

An outlet tester will help you better determine if your wall outlet has the proper earthing ground to allow you to plug in and enjoy grounding products. Often these devices come with earthing products to make it simple for consumers.

After you have confirmed that your outlets are grounded, you may plug in your ground cord that came with your earthing product. Each product comes with a snapping portion that fits into the provided earthing cord.

The other end of the cord is equipped with a grounding prong. This is the end that needs to be plugged into the ground port of the electrical outlet.

Once you are connected, your mat should be in good working order. At this point, you may touch any part of your body and get grounded. On earthing mats, it’s best to touch your bare feet. This will ensure that the part of you touching the earth product will get the most absorption of energy from the earth.


Getting Grounded

Remember, grounding pads don’t use electricity. They simply allow energy to exit via the grounding port of your outlets.

In people who are sensitive to electricity and EMFs, grounding products may actually protect them from feeling the effects. As such, you should place as many mats and pads throughout your home to help keep you at your healthiest. Moreover, a sleeping mat at night may benefit you and help you get better sleep at night.


Does Earthing Work Through Clothes?

Earthing always works the best if it is your bare skin that is touching the earthing/grounding product. It is possible to use a grounding device through clothing if there is moisture on the mat. Still, the human body will benefit more from grounding when it is able to touch the mat.

This is why it’s ideal to walk barefoot outside. Your body is getting the most ground energy through its nervous system, allowing you to get the most health benefits. The more skin contact you can get through your body from the earth, the more “charge” your body will feel.


Can You Put a Sheet Over a Grounding Mat?

You should not place a sheet over your earth device. This is because your body needs to have direct contact with the device. The Earthing Half Sheet, for example, needs to be placed on top of your bed’s fitted sheet.

It’s important to mention that you may feel some tingling upon your first time using a grounding item. This is a normal sensation that many people report and is a sign that your body is getting improved circulation.

If you have a question about these results or are concerned, please read the instructions that came with your mat to clear up any confusion about using earthing products.


How Do You Know if Your Grounding or Sleep Mat Is Working?

The best way to check your item is to try using a multimeter to see if you’re getting the energy needed to properly experience grounding. You should also test your grounded wall outlet to make sure that it is actually grounded.

Oftentimes, a ground rod is needed to ensure that you are properly grounded and able to experience grounding. A ground rod will supply the earth’s energy needed to make enjoy your grounding or sleep mat, for example.

You can purchase ground rod kits that will help you connect to the earth’s energy if your home isn’t properly grounded and able to provide grounding.

If you suffer from insomnia, grounding will often help you get the rest that you so desperately need. As an insomniac, I struggled with sleep for years. I have tried countless medications in my lifetime, many of which only seemed to make things worse.


A Safer Option

These medications eventually took a toll on my body and left wanting to find a healthier and safer alternative to get the sleep I needed. That’s when I discovered grounding. Thanks to this solution, I am now able to sleep soundly at night.

What’s more, I have much more energy throughout the day. One of the worst parts of not getting quality sleep at night is how sluggish and tired you feel the next day. It’s hard to get motivated for your life when you aren’t getting any sleep.

Thanks to Earthing and their grounding devices, I am now content to kick all of those sleeping medications to the curb and live my life with a clear head. This in itself is a huge blessing for my well-being. So, for me, I was able to tell in short order that my grounding devices were working.

If, however, you are unable to tell if you are getting the energy needed to benefit from grounding, try the multimeter to test your outlets.

Remember, we’re all made differently. As such, not everyone is going to experience earth devices the same or get the same benefits.


Is There Any Supporting Evidence for Earthing?

We have plenty of evidence to support the free radical theory of earthing. By neutralizing these free radicals, it is believed that earthing can help with chronic disease, as well. Those with health problems report lower blood pressure and better blood flow.

This is mostly due to earthing helping with your blood viscosity. But all these benefits aside, people who are able to sleep well may not experience the same effects. As such, if grounding doesn’t seem to be working for you, it may just be that you don’t have the ailments that grounding is known to remedy.

If your grounding experience isn’t working indoors, you can always go outside and make direct contact with the earth to see if it makes a difference. This certainly isn’t to be taken as medical advice, but it’s worth a try to see if there is a difference between grounding in your home and trying grounding outdoors with the earth.



There are many adults who struggle with aging and restlessness at night. Thanks to earthing, you can safely combat these effects and enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

Knowing how to use a mat will go a long way in ensuring that you get the best results from your earthing device. With the help of grounding, you can show old age who’s boss and enjoy a fuller, healthier life!

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