How Do Grounding Sheets Work?

GroundLuxe sheet w cord attachment

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

Getting the right sleep is something I have struggled with for years and have always been trying to solve. After doing some research and starting to learn about the benefits and improved sleep potential from earthing, I had to give it a try.

This is when I got a set of grounding sheets that changed my sleep forever. If you have never heard about grounding, earthing, or grounded sheets, that’s completely fine. I want to share what I have learned with others, so they can also understand how grounding sheets work.

How Do Grounding Sheets Work?

Before understanding how grounding sheets work to help improve your health and look at the benefits of earthing, we need to understand what those terms mean in the first place. To understand what grounding is, we need to understand the general concept of earthing.

When you spend time outside and make direct contact with the ground through your bare hands or feet, you are essentially earthing. As the earth is exposed to immense amounts of energy and electrons, it has a negative charge that is opposite to that of the body. When you make contact with the ground through your skin, you are then feeling the benefits of balanced electrons and energy in your body.

Walking barefoot on some ground may not seem like it screams science as much as it sounds like a comforting exercise, but it really does work. The biggest downside to earth is that it is inconvenient to always be outside barefoot as we need to work and travel throughout any given day.

To take advantage of these negative electrons when we are inside, utilizing something to connect us to the ground to reduce inflammation and pain is what we all could use. Thanks to grounding devices, we can now do that with ease as we can connect to the earth from inside by using special grounding devices.

Grounding sheets, mats, and a number of other tools are all designed to give users that great feeling they have when they walk barefoot in the grass or swim in the ocean. By connecting to the ground element of an electrical outlet, you get a pathway from the electrons out in the world right to wherever you are inside.

How to Use Earthing Sheets

Put Them on Your Bed

For most people, grounding sheets are something they can add to their bed and don’t even notice. This makes them ideal for sleeping as the conductive material in the sheets allows electrons to help your body fight inflammation and free radicals that could cause you harm.

You find a grounding sheet that fits your bed and makes sure you put it so that it makes contact with you as you sleep. This system is designed to be almost noticeable as grounding or earthing blankets look and feel like any other until you sleep with them and start to notice the long term benefits almost immediately.

Many people with chronic pain or sleeping issues also bring them when they travel as they are just that easy to set up on any bed.

Plug Them In

With your earthing or grounding blanket placed on your bed, it is now time to “plug it in.” this may seem strange at first, but you plug your blanket into a nearby outlet so it can be grounded. as outlets have a third prong just for grounding electrical devices, that same prong is going to connect you to the earth so you can benefit from the earth’s energy.

Using earthing sheets is super easy as they don’t have any electronics to worry about and just work when you plug them into the wall. The interior of the sheet has elements that are able to conduct the electrical power of the earth into your body just as if you were sleeping outside in the grass.

Experience Grounding

Your first night with a grounded sheet will be exciting as you may even begin to feel the effects the next morning. The way the sheet is able to take electrons from the earth and use them to help reduce pain and stress in your body is really incredible. I certainly felt more energetic when I woke up as my body was able to use the new electrons to heal faster and get a better night’s sleep.

Where grounding is really able to help is for people with chronic inflammation or immune system issues that can always seem to linger. the new excess of electrons your body gets when exposed to a grounded sheet allows it to heal more effectively and eliminate any obnoxious free radicals that may be lingering in the human body.

No matter how you experience grounding through your contact with the earth from your bed, you may never want to sleep without the sheet again.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Earthing Sheets Run on Electricity?

A common misconception about many earthing products is that they actually run on electricity. While this is very easily mistaken as they do plug into wall outlets like any other device, they don’t actually use electricity like other devices.

If you look at other appliances for the home or office, many of them will have plugs that use three prongs. While two prongs draw power from an electrical source, the third prong is simply used for grounding. This grounding prong is what earthing sheets and earthing mat products used to get energy from the earth into a building.

Even though they don’t use electricity to work, earthing sheets take advantage of the grounding that is used in electrical outlets throughout a given space.

Do Earthing Sheets Really Help Improve Your Sleep?

The human body is a very temperamental machine and needs very particular conditions to function most effectively. The unfortunate reality about modern-day life is we have more stress and health issues than ever before. This means our bodies need all the help they can get for sleep and recovery.

Since we are disconnected from the earth as we spend time inside, we have lost that connection to the ground itself and are not getting direct exposure to the electrons and energy the earth has to give to us. Many people may even be dealing with issues like blood pressure and inflammation that could be lessened with the help of earthing products.

With our bodies having a wealth of positive energy, counteracting that with negatively charged electrons allows the body to get healing and immune support that it has otherwise been lacking. Your body is able to use the time that you sleep with an earthing sheet to repair itself and provide you with more energy for the next day in the process.

How Are Earthing Sheets Different from an Electric Blanket?

One of the most common misconceptions even I had at the beginning was confusing earthing blankets and electric blankets. Upon first glance, they are both sheets with a wire attached to them and that is pretty much it. However, these two devices are completely different and fulfill unique needs.

Earthing Sheets

Earthing sheets as we have come to learn are designed to keep you connected to the earth. They utilize an electrical outlet not for the energy it provides to appliances, but for its access to a grounded source that comes from the earth itself.

Many people report that earthing sheets help them sleep better at night, and that’s for a good reason. While they won’t magically help you fall asleep or anything like that, they help your body achieve more than you sleep by providing a bank of added electrons to work with.

Electric Blankets

An electric blanket is designed to use power just like a computer or oven as it heats up inner cells to create heat. For those people who live in freezing environments, electric blankets can be nice for staying warm in colder months when your heating is not great.

While they may keep you warm at night, electric blankets will do nothing to ground you. Since they are just using power and don’t have the interior elements designed for utilizing grounded energy, they will not transfer any to your body.

How Long Will an Earthing Sheet Last?

Earthing sheets will last for a long time IF you take care of them properly. Because they have silver fibers woven inside them to allow them to work, you need to wash them gently and as infrequently as is reasonable to extend their life. Detergents that build up on the fibers will also reduce their effectiveness to use as little detergent as possible.

Treating them with care and making sure they are taken care of will help them last you many years of great sleep.

Final Thoughts on How Grounding Sheets Work

Whether you are dealing with inflammation or any other health issue, getting contact with the earth through sheets as you sleep offers a wide array of assistance. The human body is full of positive charge, and offering it some electrons to help bring your body back to its roots of bare feet living in the wild is worth the investment.