Grounding Mouse Mat (Mouse Pad)

Grounding Mouse Mat

November 24, 2022 By Mark Hansen

In today’s digital world, the human body is constantly overexposed to positive electrical energy thanks to the use of smartphones and other electronic devices. This excess of positive energy in the body ultimately creates an electrical imbalance which can cause many unhealthy effects from fatigue, chronic pain, inflammation, and more.

However, you don’t have to tolerate this imbalance of electrical energy your entire life.

Grounding equipment, like grounding mouse mats, provide the ability to neutralise the free radicals in your body to provide a balance of electrical energy. While direct contact with Earth’s surface is ideal to maximize grounding benefits, it is not practical.

That’s why grounding equipment provides the best of both worlds to effectively balance your electrical energy without having to modify your daily life and routine. In this article, you’ll learn more about the grounding mouse mat and how you can incorporate it into your life.


What is a Grounding Mouse Mat

A grounding mouse mat/pad is a type of grounding equipment that is made of conductive leather perfect for grounding. A grounding mouse mat is like an ordinary mouse pad; however, its conductive material coupled with its cord attachment provides the ability to indirectly ground while indoors.

This is because you can connect your grounding mouse mat to the nearest ground port via the mouse pad’s cord.

Once successfully connected to the ground port, the Earth’s negative energy can transfer from the ground to the port, through the cord, to the grounding mouse mat, and into the body via direct contact.


Neutralize Your Electrical Energy While Using Your Laptop/Computer

The rapid shift towards remote work means more and more people are on their computers or laptops than ever before. Inevitably, since working on your laptop or computer requires you to be indoors, this can make it difficult to directly ground outdoors.

However, if you use an external mouse to do your computer work, you can easily incorporate a grounding mouse pad underneath your mouse while you work.

With the grounding mouse mat, whenever you rest your hand, wrist, or forearm on the pad while using your mouse, you’ll be able to experience the positive effects of grounding. This is because your arm’s direct contact with the grounding mouse mat will deliver negative electrical energy into the body, even while you work!


Grounding Mouse Mat vs Grounding Mat: Which One Should You Use?

Both grounding mouse mats and grounding mats are very similar; however, the biggest difference between the two is their size. Grounding mats tend to be larger relative to the grounding mouse mat.

Therefore, if you find your grounding mouse mat may be too small to effectively make enough contact with your body, consider a grounding mat. A grounding mat you can put underneath your entire workstation so when you rest your arms on your desk, they can experience the grounding effects from the mat.


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