Grounding Mats for Massage Tables

Grounding Mat for Massage Table

December 12, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Lying on a grounding mat while getting a massage is the perfect way to elevate your massage experience. Grounding and getting a massage seemingly go hand-in-hand to physically and mentally relax your mind and body and relieve any nagging aches and pains that may be causing you discomfort.

There are many grounding massage mats available today that can be used on the surface of virtually any massage table so clients getting a massage can not only get a relaxing massage but experience the benefits of grounding.


A Grounding Mat Can Enhance Your Massage

Massages are a great way to restore your health and well-being. Massage therapy can help to reduce stress, reduce pain and muscle tension, improve circulation, and more. Grounding provides these same benefits, making a grounding mat the perfect way to elevate any massage therapy session.

When it comes to securing your grounding mat into your massage table, many grounding mats can be trimmed to exactly fit the length of the table. A thin towel or cover can then be placed overtop the grounding mat on the table to provide additional comfort for the client when getting a massage.


How a Grounding Mat Can Improve Your Massage

Massages are known for providing relaxation and helping the client destress; therefore, adding a grounding mat to the experience is like a bonus to enhance a client’s massage. Not only will the client benefit from the physical touch aspect of the massage, but they will experience the many positive grounding benefits that will help improve their energy levels and reduce their stress.

And, the best part is, clients aren’t the only ones that can benefit from incorporating grounding mats into their massage therapy sessions!

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Massage Therapists Can Benefit from Grounding

Massaging all day every day can inevitably leave you feeling physically and mentally exhausted. While a grounding mat for a massage table can help benefit the client, it can also benefit the massage therapist.

This is because while the client is receiving the negative electrical energy while lying on the grounding mat, as the massage therapist touches the individual, they can also receive a slight amount of electrons from the individual.

For further grounding benefits, massage therapists can even consider standing on a grounding mat of their own while they give the massage. This way not only will the client receiving the massage experience grounding benefits while laying on the massage table with the grounding mat, but the massage therapist while standing on another grounding mat can experience the benefits of grounding.

Standing on a grounding mat while you give massages throughout the day can be the perfect solution for a massage therapist to alleviate built-up stress and improve their energy levels while working.

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