Can You Use a Grounding Mat Under Sheets?

Earthing mat under sheets

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

If you want to feel more connected to the earth and sleep better, trying earthing products can be a huge help. I used my first grounding mat at 44–and have never felt better.

They help with sleep, encourage a better blood flow, and bring you a deeper connection to the earth. I am not a doctor and can not offer you medical advice, but the potential benefits these mats can offer your body are really amazing.

But, the question is, can you use a grounding mat under your sheets?

The answer is no, you shouldn’t. In order to work, the mat needs to be in contact with your bare skin. You may get some conductivity if the sheets are thin and/or wet, but generally speaking it will reduce or eliminate the earthing benefits.


Benefits of Using a Grounding Mat

If you use your mat under your sheets, you will be able to get more potential health bonuses. The more time you spend with the earthing tool, the more time you are getting grounded. Using it during the day is just not an option for all people, so a lot of us prefer sleeping with our grounding mats under our body at night.


What are the Benefits?

There are a lot of benefits to using earthing items. You might want to consider getting one for home if you never spend time barefoot outside.

These health benefits are:

  • Reduced inflammation
  • Increased blood flow
  • Reduced stress and anxiety
  • Better sleep
  • More energy
  • Feeling freer and connected to the earth
  • Boosted metabolism


Why Use Grounding Mats?

If you want a durable product, this is the best option for your bed. A grounding mat is designed to connect you with the earth while you sleep indoors. The mats can be plugged in and placed on a flat surface. You then place your body on the mat, to conduct the energy from the earth.

When you connect to the earth, you will come into contact with the surface electrons that would normally be on the ground. They are conducted through your skin, where they bring many benefits with them. This would include reduced inflammation and full rest.

These benefits together can have a very positive impact on your health. In my experience, pairing my earthing products with my mattress helped me feel great and gave me amazing results.

Those who use mats tend to enjoy the long durability of this product. I would have to say that sleeping with a mat is best. All you need to do is be sure the cord does not become damaged. The actual conductive mat is going to stick around for a long time if you take care of it.


Or… Are Grounding Sheets Better?

However, some people do not like the way the mats feel. There are other methods that work just as well to feel more connected with the earth at home, but provide you with more comfort when using it. One way is to use grounding sheets.

Since they are designed to use in bed, the sheets are actually much more comfortable than the mats. They are more expensive though and will not work as long as the mats will. You can use a blanket or two with them without worry.

The sheets are a bit more maintenance. If you want great results, you will need to take care of them. This is because they are made from fine silver fibers, making them more delicate.

In other words, each product has its own pros and cons. Both can make you feel grounded, so be sure to think about what could benefit you more when choosing between the two.


Grounding Mats vs. Grounding Sheets

So, which is better then? Well, it is really up to you. Both earthing products offer similar experiences and can improve your health.

A good idea is to quickly check if you are a rough sleeper. Is it hard to stay sleeping throughout the night? If it is, you might want an earthing sheet over the mat.

Earthing sheets are much like the normal fitted sheet you have at home. Except they are conductive and need to be plugged into an outlet. When the sheet makes contact with your body, you will experience grounding. This means may also get the many health bonuses of earthing easily at home while you sleep.

The downside to the earthing sheet is that they aren’t as durable as mats. They are harder to clean than mats too.

There are a lot of positive qualities of earthing sheets though. They are comfortable, they tend to stay in contact with your skin easily throughout the night, and they are absorbent so they don’t feel slimy if you sweat.

On the other hand, an earthing mat is much cheaper. It can be set on any surface at work or home. There are a lot of people who love to sleep on their mats.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Grounding Work?

Of course, when considering conductive earth products, you want to be sure that know what they are used for. The sheet and mat are both popular options, although more research is being conducted on these products.

Being outdoors barefoot can offer you a variety of health improvements. Getting outdoors without shoes on your feet is helpful as well, but why?

Well, this can be seen as a way to build an electrical connection to the earth. The charge that naturally travels through your body is neutralized when your feet and skin are on the ground outside. This is because the earth has a negative charge and your body tends to have a positive charge.

When you make direct contact with the earth, this is known as “earthing.” However, not everyone wants to wander the outdoors in their bare feet. One way to achieve this same process is to sleep with a special fitted sheet or use an earthing mat. In my experience, these earthing products have made overall improvements to my body.

An earthing mat is designed to replicate the charge of the earth. The ground outdoors has a negative electric charge, that is neutralized when it comes into contact with our skin. Walking barefoot outside is free, so I recommend that it try it more. There are plenty of health improvements to grounding.

Grounding mats bring the connection of the earth and natural energy indoors. They are pretty easy to set up too–you just need to plug it into an outlet and it will start working. You can set the earthing mat anywhere it will fit, as long as you can also experience direct contact with it.


How Do I Use a Grounding Mat?

One way people use their mat is to plug it in and wait for the electrical current to build up. Then, they sleep on the mat all night. While sleeping, you are getting more earthing exposure, since we tend to sleep for at least 8 hours a night.


Do Grounding Sheets Really Work?

In my experience, I would have to say yes. They operate an electrical current that responds to your body, making you feel even more well-rested after a night of sleep.

It is important to note that this information is still being researched by scientists. The signs of all the good things an earthing blanket can do are there- they just need to learn more about how it works.

If you believe in the natural healing energy offered by the earth, then you will want to understand how that ability can be brought inside. It has to do with the electrons that run through the cord and into the blanket- they are creating the same charge that the earth is. Your body may respond nicely to this current.


What is a Grounding Mat Made of?

A grounding mat is composed of vinyl with infused carbon fibers. I would have to say it is not as comfortable as a sheet, but I appreciate it more than walking outdoors barefoot.

Rights reserved earthing mat should have all the quality features and materials included. You will want to do some research before you buy one.


How Do You Clean a Grounding Mat?

Of course, this is a great question. You do not want to let your mat get too dirty, since you are likely sleeping on it every single night.

The process is pretty simple. Be sure that your tool is off- you do not want any electrical currents running through it. Depending on the size, you may be able to wash it like your other bedclothes. Use a gentle wash cycle and a mild detergent. Dry it on low heat.

Even if the packaging says you can use chlorine bleach- always skip it. You never want to damage the rod with a harsh chemical. Avoid fabric softener as well.

You do not need to wash it every time you sleep on it, but you will want to clean it as much as you do your other bedding. If you sweat a lot when you sleep, washing it more often is in your best interest.


What Is a Grounding Bed Sheet?

This is much the same idea as the mat. It simply is a sheet with wires and fibers that help ground you, instead of a more solid mat.

You should be able to find a style you like easily and a size that fits your mattress. If you want to feel grounded at night, this is the best option when it comes to comfort.



In short, there are products out there that you can use to get grounded. They will make you feel like a rod connecting to the earth- and can provide you with plenty of other bodily improvements too.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask! All you need to do is send us a message and we will respond as soon as we can.

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