How Does a Grounding Blanket Work?

How does a Grounding Blanket Work

November 4, 2022 By Mark Hansen

The Earth’s surface is home to an endless supply of negative electrical energy. Thanks to the rather abrupt arrival of the digital age, the human body is constantly hyper-exposed to electronic devices that transfer unnatural levels of positive electrical energy into the body on a daily basis.

One way to combat this imbalance of electrical energy in the body is by connecting the human body to the Earth’s supply of negative electrical energy. Many people find direct transference (i.e. lying on the grass) to be an effective method to streamline electrons from Earth’s surface to the body.

However, direct contact with the Earth’s surface isn’t the only way to experience the healing effects of grounding.

Grounding equipment, like a grounding blanket, provides the ability to indirectly transfer Earth’s negative energy. This provides users the convenience to neutralize their energy indoors, while still experiencing the same positive effects as they would via direct transference outdoors.

Learn exactly how a grounding blanket works to provide balance to the human body below.


Connect Grounding Blanket Into Grounded Outlet

Any grounding equipment, such as a grounding blanket, requires a connection from Earth’s surface to the object. A grounding blanket uses a cord to connect to a grounding port.

The grounding port itself is connected to the abundance of negative electrical energy (electrons) that exist on the Earth’s surface. Therefore, by connecting the grounding blanket to a grounding port, this effectively transfers the Earth’s negative charge from the grounding port, through the wire, into the blanket.

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Ensure Direct Skin Contact To Transfer Energy From Blanket to Body

A grounding blanket is lined with silver threading inside the blanket’s interior. This silver threading is conductive, allowing the blanket to absorb the negative electrical energy it receives through the wire from the grounding port.

Without the blanket’s silver threading interior with its conductive abilities to transfer energy, the grounding blanket would merely be an ordinary blanket.

Once the blanket is properly connected to the grounding port, transferring Earth’s negative electrical energy from the blanket to the human body requires ideally direct skin contact for maximum electrical transfer.

Since the majority of the human body is made up of water (an excellent conductor of electricity), this allows the body to receive electrons from the grounding blanket.

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Relax As Earth’s Negative Energy Works to Balance Your Body

As the body, with some form of direct skin contact, touches the grounding blanket, the negative energy that was transferred to the blanket will pass from the blanket throughout the body, ultimately helping to neutralise the excess of positive electrical energy in the body.

Today, humans are now more than ever before exposed to an abundance of positive electrical energy sources through the uprise in electronic devices in the past couple of decades. As a result, this sudden overexposure to unusually high amounts of positive electrical energy causes an electrical imbalance in the body, which causes various physiological and psychological health issues from fatigue, anxiety, headaches, and more.

Therefore, the grounding blanket provides the body with a steady stream of negative electrical energy produced naturally from the Earth’s surface. These electrons help to balance the body’s heightened positive electrical energy to create a harmonious neutralisation of positive and negative energy throughout the body.

This leads to a natural way to enjoy various health benefits such as a user experiencing a boost in energy levels, improved mood, relief from chronic aches and pains, and more!

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