Can You Ground Through a Blanket?

Can You Ground Through a Blanket

November 4, 2022 By Mark Hansen

Blankets provide the perfect portable layer you can take virtually anywhere you go. Whether you choose to lay on a blanket outside on the grass or cuddle up in a blanket indoors, blankets have great versatility, especially when it comes to grounding.

This is because whether you choose to directly ground through a “regular” blanket laying outside or indirectly use a grounding blanket indoors, either option can be used as a viable approach to effectively transfer Earth’s negative electrical energy. Even if the way in which they transfer Earth’s electrons differ.

Read on to explore how you can ground through an earthing blanket via direct or indirect transference with the Earth’s surface.

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Grounding Through An Ordinary Blanket, is it possible?

There is a wide variety of grounding equipment that exists. From grounding pillowcases to grounding mats and grounding blankets, each of these objects provides a medium that helps transfer Earth’s energy to deliver negative electrical energy to the body.

Grounding equipment creates a practical way to gain access to Earth’s electrons while being indoors. However, direct contact outdoors with the ground is an effective grounding method.

Whether you choose to have direct skin contact with the Earth or through a layer such as laying on a blanket in the grass, either method can help neutralize the energy in the body.

Although direct skin contact is ideal to experience the maximum grounding benefits, as long as the material of the blanket you are laying on directly on the Earth is conductive, you can still successfully ground through an ordinary blanket.

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Blanket Materials That Are Perfect Conductors

In order to ground through a blanket that you are sitting or laying on outdoors on the ground (i.e. laying on the grass or beach), you need to ensure the blanket is made of conductive materials. For instance, if the blanket is made of cotton, wool, or any other conductive fiber, these are all materials that will allow for the direct transference of energy from the Earth, through the blanket, into the body.

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Indirect Energy Transfer Via A Grounding Blanket

Sometimes, lying on a blanket outside isn’t a practical option to do consistently for many people. Whether you run a busy lifestyle and/or live in a city where naturally touching a conductive part of Earth’s surface (i.e. grass) isn’t feasible, a grounding blanket provides the perfect solution to still allow grounding to take place indirectly through a blanket while indoors.

A grounding blanket’s interior is lined with silver threading that enables the blanket to conduct electrical energy. To properly set up a grounding blanket to use indoors, users can connect a cord from the blanket to a grounding port in their home which is then connected to the Earth’s surface.

Then, when your body directly touches the grounding blanket when plugged in, this streamlines electrons to transfer into the body. Since skin is a great conductor, touching the grounding blanket with direct skin contact provides optimal transference of the electrons to neutralize the unnaturally high levels of positive electrical energy in the body.

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