Earthing Sheet Side Effects

Grounding sheet side effects

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

As a former insomniac, I have always been on the lookout for anything that could help me get to sleep easier. From different medical options all the way to counting sheep, it felt impossible to find something that would get me the sleep I need.

However, I have come to embrace the world of earthing and it’s associated grounding products. In particular, I looked at the earthing sheet side effects to see how I could benefit from sleeping with one.

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Earthing sheets are just one way to ground yourself, so let’s look at the side effects of grounding or earthing (two names for the same thing).

What Are the Side Effects of Earthing?

The “side effects” of earthing are all essentially beneficial. You’re just releasing energy back into the earth in order to balance positive and negative energy inside your body. Here are some of the side effects:

Stress Reduction

One of the most commonly quoted benefits from earthing or grounding on the body is its ability to help reduce stress. Getting connected to the earth both literally and figuratively is going to help just about anyone feel better throughout the day.

For example, many people like to walk barefoot to literally connect with the earth and benefit from its energy projection. For other people, doing work in the garden may help them feel connected with the earth in a way that allows for relaxation and a reduction in stress.

Lower Inflammation

Inflammation in the body is often caused by the body responding to different stressors that make it feel like it’s in danger. when you connect with the earth, you can reduce inflammation pain and control the free radicals throughout your body.

Just like many people eat certain foods to help their bodies fight disease, getting electrons from the earth with grounding gives your body a surplus of supply to fight with. Your immune system and overall health may benefit when grounding practices are implemented.

Improved Sleep and Energy

When your body feels stressed and tired, it diverts precious energy away from your focus and will shift it into helping deal with those conditions. When you use grounding techniques to help improve sleep, that energy that is saved allows you to feel more energetic throughout the day.

Spending time on something like a grounding sheet when relaxing may help your body to free up used energy that will go towards keeping you awake throughout the day. Some people with chronic diseases feel they have more energy when they use earthing to recover energy that they didn’t even know they had.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Earthing?

Before getting an earthing sheet for my bed, I had to first learn what earthing was. This rather vague term led me down a rabbit hole of new information to take in and integrate into my life. In its most basic sense, earthing is the process of literally connecting with the earth and all the energy it has to offer.

From walking barefoot to just spending time with my body on the ground, earthing allows us all to benefit from the natural properties the earth possesses. The earth itself has unique electromagnetic properties that allow us to benefit from interacting with it with skin contact in multiple ways.

What Are the Benefits of Grounding Sheets?

Better Sleep

Since grounding sheets connect you the to earth via a grounded cable, your body is connecting with the earth and is not getting exposed to unnecessary electromagnetic radiation.

Being connected to the earth’s energy through an electrical outlet helps you sleep better by reducing external disturbances that otherwise affect your sleep. Think of it like using a grounding sheet to protect yourself from invisible forces that can negatively affect your sleep quality.

Less Stress

The connection between your body and the ground with grounded sheets have been shown to reduce the presence of certain stress hormones in the body. The human body produces stress hormones naturally, but they can often interfere with our everyday activities.

Many people face stress throughout their day, but using grounding sheets for sleeping helps users with stress reduction during sleep. If you have had trouble sleeping like me, grounding sheets are a potential way to improve your experience overnight.

How Do I Practice Earthing?

Get Outside

Earthing is all about connecting with the earth, so getting outside is an essential part of doing that. Whether you want to get in the water to connect or simply go outside for 30 minutes, earthing can be done in a number of ways.

What many people do to enjoy earthing is touch the ground outside with their bare feet or hands. This direct connection with the earth allows to you connect with its energy in the purest way possible.

Using Helpful Tools

Getting outside is easy enough, but what about those times when you cannot get outside to practice earthing? Thankfully for those who want to stay grounded while indoors, there are a number of useful tools like grounded blankets that can help you out.

Grounding or earthing yourself with things like an earthing sheet or other products for earthing is a great way to feel connected wherever you go. These tools are going to be the best way to experience the free electrons and their energy when unable to get outside.

Sleeping While Grounded

Considering that we spend a large majority of our lives sleeping, it makes sense to stay grounded as you sleep for maximum results. One way to experience many of the earthing sheet benefits that there are is to sleep with one when you go to bed at night.

They come in all shapes and sizes are can be used anywhere with access to a wall outlet. People will often feel like they are sleeping better after just one or two nights of sleeping with a grounded blanket.

Is There Any Solid Research on Grounding Sheets?

One of the most common questions people have about grounding sheets is whether they are backed by science. It does seem hard to believe that you can improve your health with a sheet that plugs into the wall, but some studies back grounding sheets and their abilities.

Researchers have found certain evidence of sleeping benefits with grounding sheets that helps legitimize the claims by those who really stand behind the technique.

Are Earthing Sheets Really Safe?

When you cannot get direct contact with the earth, an earthing sheet is going to help you get grounded from indoors. when you plug them into your wall, many users often feel a little nervous at first as plugging a sheet they sit on into a wall is something kind of scary.

Luckily, the way that earthing sheets are able to connect to the earth is very safe and has a low risk for any issues arising. Earthing sheets themselves are not electronic devices and just use the connection to a grounded source to transfer energy to your body without needing to be outside.

Overall, these products are very safe when you use them as directed by the instructions.

Final Thoughts on the Side Effects of Earthing Sheets

With so much to gain from earthing sheets, I wish I knew about them years ago to help me get a better night’s sleep. New information is always coming out about earthing and its benefits and there are plenty of people just like me who couldn’t recommend it enough.

Once you try earthing yourself, you’ll be hooked immediately. The entire lifestyle helps you connect with the planet and may even make you feel like a more relaxed and calm person.

All I hope is that you give earthing blankets a try and see how they can change your life.