Earthing Mats Debunked?

Grounding mats debunked?

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

Is there an earthing mat scam going on right under our noses? Be sure to read this article on the popular alternative medicine as we explore grounding, its potential health benefits, and whether or not it actually works.

So, let us start with what grounding or earthing actually is.

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What is Earthing?

Earthing often involves walking barefoot in order to make more contact with the earth. This allows your body to control the free radicals coursing through it.

What are free radicals? These are the electrons that are “lose” and not partnered with a proton. They can be controlled through grounding since it allows the charge of your body to balance out. The other claimed health benefits are improved blood viscosity, reduced inflammation, and treating chronic diseases such as insomnia.

Many people believe in the science behind grounding, but there needs to be more evidence and research into the topic.

Earthing and becoming grounded can be done well outside naturally. But, what about people who do not have enough time or energy because of work? Well, that is where the earthing mats come in.

These are mats that you can sleep on at home. They are electrical and plug in (to the grounding port only). They are said to raise your immune system and lower stress levels, but can they actually have that effect on a human? We will be checking out some studies today.

Is There Scientific Evidence for Earthing?

Is this all just a huge grounding mat hoax? I would not call it a conspiracy. Walking barefoot outside has plenty of health benefits for your body. The mats simulate the same thing and like many remedies, there is some evidence for its effectiveness but there is also a need for further research.

When it comes to earthing mats, there is not a lot of evidence that they can control serious or chronic diseases. This technology still does have potential, however. Environmental medicine suggests that negative ions in the earth create a stable electrical environment within subjects.

This might neutralize free radicals and have antioxidant effects–reducing inflammatory reactions. In other words, these electrical currents might help your body feel as good as new after a while.

In a recent study, making contact with the earth was shown to reduce chronic inflammation.

A Need for More Research

When looking at the research, you should note that a lot of these studies were funded by earthing companies. They could well be interested in proving their products work. However, that’s true of scientific research generally. Most drug trials are also funded by drug companies, for example.

Existing evidence also comes from small groups, usually without a control group available. These results also can not be replicated. So, if a participant experienced better sleep in the first study, for it to be valid you should be able to get the results again.

However, there is nothing wrong with going outside barefoot and feeling more connected to the earth. When you walk barefoot, you might experience a lot of benefits, it just is the research behind grounded products that are questionable.

At this time, the jury is still out on earthing for many conditions. More research is being conducted. But, in the meantime, you can just leave the shoes at home to get the same results you would supposedly get with one earth product.

What Are the Purported Benefits of Earthing?

When you use this method called grounding, you are altering your free electrons. This allows you to experience more health improvements. This may include having more energy, less pain, feeling mentally grounded, less stress, and overall just feeling better.

Loose electrons can cause issues in your body. Since many people wear shoes when they go out, they never have the chance to change their charge. It is free to walk on the ground without shoes, so I recommend going barefoot whenever you can. This can positively alter your electron’s charge.

Wearing shoes blocks your body from connecting with the earth. This is because rubber soles are not conductive. If you want these improvements in your body, go barefoot sometimes.

This is a list of what might happen when you ground often:

  • Grounding could neutralize free radicals
  • It helps you feel more connected to the earth and nature
  • Ground periods improve sleep, manage pain, inflammation, and stress
  • Ground periods might also boost immunity
  • Aids in managing health conditions like chronic fatigue

These are the most common improvements that have shown up over a variety of studies. If you do start this method, you will want to know that it can take weeks for them to appear.

You do not want to expect results right away. If you do, you might give up and stop too early. I know that it can be hard to wait- I almost gave up myself before I started seeing results.

If you need some help, you can email me for more information.


In short, I think that more research needs to be conducted. However, it is alright right now to look at the results of those studies and see the good potential there.

Maybe in a few years, we will have more to go on. But, right now, it is best to rely on your own experience with these products. I have been testing them out myself and have been seeing great results.

Overall, I would have to say earthing mats have potential, but be aware of scams.