Can You Wear Socks on a Grounding Mat?

grounding through socks

November 18, 2022 By Mark Hansen

There’s no denying that going barefoot on a grounding mat will always be the best way to experience optimal grounding results. However, if you feel more comfortable wearing socks while you use your grounding mat, you can still successfully ground through your socks and neutralise your body’s electrical energy imbalance with or without socks!

Learn why and how wearing socks on a grounding mat can still be effective at grounding below.

Your Feet Have the Highest Number of Conductive Nerve Endings

It’s essential to understand that the soles of your feet have the highest amount of conductive nerve endings. This means grounding via your feet is one of the best ways to ground, with or without socks.

If you are using a grounding mat for yoga or stretching, a good amount of those exercises involve your feet being firmly on the mat. If you feel most comfortable wearing socks while using your grounding mat, it is still possible to effectively experience the transference of electrical energy from the mat, through your socks, and into the body.

Moisture, Material, and Thickness of Your Socks Matter

Choosing the right pair of socks to experience optimal grounding results comes down to moisture, material, and thickness.

Inevitably, the thicker the sock, the more difficult it will be for the electrical energy from the mat to transfer through the sock into the body.

The material of the sock is also important. Cotton, wool, and other conductive materials are essential to help transfer the negative electrical energy from the mat into the body. There are also specially designed grounding conductive socks you can purchase. These grounding conductive socks use silver threading and moisture-absorbent features to help enhance the grounding experience when wearing socks.

Third, slight to moderate moisture is critical to promoting the grounding process from the grounding mat, through your socks, to the body. Water is a great conductor. Thus, when you sweat on the soles of your feet, this provides the moisture necessary to effectively transfer energy through your socks.

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