Where to Buy a Grounding Pad

Where to buy an earthing pad

November 24, 2020 By Mark Hansen

It’s not uncommon for me to feel sluggish in the morning. Really sluggish. This is in large part due to the poor sleep that I get when I go to bed. My energy levels were so poor that I couldn’t function throughout the day.

So I decided to purchase a grounding pad. I only wish I had discovered its life-changing benefits sooner. Thanks to improved sleep, I now feel more energetic than ever!

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At a Crossroads

If you’re anything like me, you’re surely asking yourself if earthing is fantasy or legitimate treatment. Understandable. I think most people try things like earthing when they feel like they’ve hit a brick wall with doctor-prescribed medicines.

Make no mistake; man-made formulas can take a toll on the body over time. And the more you put these chemicals into your body, the greater the risk to your health.

Now, I certainly understand and appreciate what some medications do. For many people, they are an absolute must. Essential living, if you will.

But then there are people like me who suffer from insomnia. After countless medications and therapies, it got to the point where I had to try something different.

I desperately needed an alternative.

Feeling that had no other recourse, I began looking into any alternatives that would restore my quality of life. When I first heard the idea of walking outside without shoes, I had many questions. Namely, “are you serious?”

But, like many things in life, I soon found myself buying into the belief that contact with the earth may provide the charge the body needs to restore its health and well-being.

The more I read, the more intrigued I became. If taking off my shoes is all that I needed to do to experience quality sleep at night, what have I got to lose?

And then I learned that you can get different earthing surfaces. That’s when things really changed for me. I found that these grounding surfaces allow you to feel the earth’s charge on your feet just about any time of the day.

With so many earthing products available, I could position them to accommodate my daily routine, all the while benefiting from the effects of earthing. What are these benefits, exactly? Let’s have a look.


Amazing Results

The health advantages of earthing cannot be ignored. What I find most interesting is the positive changes to the nervous system while grounding. Since it is responsible for many activities in the body, it’s amazing to see that there is a direct link to better sleep, reduced inflammation, and improved blood flow.

What’s more, sufferers of chronic pain have been shown to experience less discomfort when taking part in grounding. The effects are simply incredible, to say the least.

This isn’t just a few people reporting less pain. We’re talking about 60 individuals who suffer from chronic pain and sleep disturbances. Yet after they took part in a grounding study, there was a reported improvement in the range of 74 to 100 percent!

That’s nothing to sneeze at. So, although research is indeed limited, we do know there are results that can’t be overlooked. That being said, even if there weren’t studies available to research, my personal experience with grounding is enough to make me a believer.

When you go from one extreme to the next after trying grounding, it’s hard to point to anything but the practice as the primary reason for my vast improvement.

I maintain there is a benefit to the human body when we experience the earth s energy. One need only give earthing mats a try to see for themselves. If your results are anything like mine, your view on grounding is sure to change for the better.

So, let’s say you’re interested and you’d like to look into grounding products for your home or office. Where can you find such products? Let’s find out.


Where Can I Buy Grounding Mats?

If you want to know where to get grounding mats, there are many great resources online. There are many options at Amazon, I recommend that you thoroughly check the reviews to see what other people are saying. That said, you should take the feedback with a grain of salt.

Not everyone experiences the same benefits from earthing products. What I mean is that someone might invest in a grounding mat to remedy an ailment that doesn’t pertain to you. The earth mat that they bought may work wonders for relieving joint pain but since the customer was trying to heal their bunions, they gave it a poor review.

Earthing isn’t yet an exact science. As such, there are bound to be people who scoff at the idea. I suggest that you compare whatever ailment you’re suffering from with the benefits believed to come from using earthing products.

So if you’re struggling with inflammation, for example, you know that studies show that some people have benefited from reduced inflammation after using a grounding mat.

If sleep is your enemy, I would wager that you will experience great improvement after using a grounding mat for a given length of time. Improved sleep seems to be one of the most common benefits of earthing products.

And since you can find earthing surfaces in a wide range of products, it’s easy to find the type of sleep mat that best accommodates your lifestyle. Your health is important, so you should always be on the lookout for new products that aim to improve your body.



Now, it’s important to note that before you jump right into earthing and invest in earthing products, you need to make sure that your home is properly grounded. So before you go online and start putting items in your cart, you should purchase an outlet checker to ensure that it’s safe to plug in a grounding cord.

Whatever ground port you use in your house or office needs to be correctly grounded first. Without good grounding, you aren’t going to get the results you’re hoping for.

Earthing’s website has a handy checker available that makes checking your outlets simple and straightforward. After you have established that your outlets are good to go, you can safely purchase earthing products to your heart’s content.

To check each outlet, simply plug the device in and built-in lights will let you know whether the outlet is good. Earthing has a plethora of earthing products that you purchase for improving your daily life.

From cloth kits to bed pads, there is a lot to put in your cart. If you’re ready to make a change in your life and are willing to try something new – something radical – get on team earthing and explore your many possibilities. You can always reach out to their customer service for direction.

I like their sleep, bed, and seating options. You can get specially-made chairs, for example, that allow you to change settings and adjust your experience to your liking.

Different size mat options are available, too. So you can be sure to get the best earth mat for your needs. Whether for sitting, standing, or sleep, you have a lot to choose from.

We can’t always get back to nature, but thanks to Earthing, we can bring nature to us. I found that they have excellent customer service should you need any assistance regarding grounding.

If you want more information on Earthing and what they offer, I recommend you check out their customer service section. There, you can view their policies, read a FAQ, find contact information, and more.


Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Earthing?

Earthing” is the theory that our bodies benefit from a direct connection to the earth. More specifically, it holds that when our bare feet touch the ground, we can be healed of certain ailments.

Consider the way you feel when you walk barefoot through the sand on a beach. There’s an electrical charge that our bodies feel with such contact. So much so that many people believe to experience improvements in their health.

If you are tired of taking medications, I would suggest you give grounding some serious consideration. There are many products available that are designed to accommodate many different lifestyles and needs.

Each mat or item that I have personally tried has worked as expected, resulting in greater convenience that lets me practice grounding throughout the day.


What Are the Benefits of Grounding?

First and foremost, I feel compelled to share my experience with grounding; specifically, grounding mats. As I mentioned in the open, poor sleep and low energy have long been my Achilles’ heel. Daytime energy is all but sapped most days due to tossing and turning in bed.

After spending some time with a grounding mat, I’m left duly impressed by its benefits. My energy levels have spiked and I am now able to make it through the day with ample energy. I am finally able to sleep soundly at night.

So it came as no surprise to learn that one of the key advantages to using a grounding mat is indeed restored energy levels and improved sleep quality. But the benefits don’t end there, and this what makes the idea of earthing so encouraging.

Regularly using a grounding mat has been shown to improve cortisol levels, help you fall asleep sooner, and relieve pain that sets in a night.

Some even maintain that grounding helps with cardiovascular disease and improves the immune system, helping the body along as it fights illnesses. That’s a huge statement and one that I wanted to explore in greater detail.

I found that using a grounding surface can affect the free radicals in the body, to the point where contact with the ground elicits the charge we need to experience improved health.

What I find truly compelling is that people who have tried earthing surfaces in studies sometimes got results in less than an hour. It’s normal for studies to take place during sleep. But with earthing, there were participants who benefitted while they were awake.

This is what got me interested in researching earth mats for use during the day. And after I started considering how little people actually make contact with the earth, it began to come together. Most of us wear shoes with rubber soles. Our feet rarely, if ever, touch the ground anymore.

Sure, we did it a lot as children, and I believe we were better for it. Is there a link between the many ailments adults suffer from and our lack of contact with the earth? It certainly stands to reason, especially after the health benefits that I experienced.

I personally use a universal mat and a grounding mat from Earthing. It’s a great way for me to inject some nature from the earth into my everyday routine. The earth is rife with energy, so it makes sense that we should want nature in our lives as much as we can possibly get.

If all it takes is placing a mat under our bare feet to get the energy we need from the earth and improve our sleep, I’m all for it.


How Do We Practice Earthing?

Well, you have a couple of options in this regard. Firstly, you can always head outside and lay in the grass. Doesn’t really matter where, as long as your body is touching the earth.

Or, you can stand barefoot in the grass, as well. The idea here is to allow your body to get a direct link to the earth around you. I believe there is also a link between the many ailments people experience today and the lack of contact we have with the outdoors.

As technology advances, society at large is getting less and less of the earth’s healing qualities. However, these advancements have also given birth to innovations like earthing mats.

And that is another option you have if you want to experience the healing qualities of the earth. Try as we might to distance ourselves from modern tech, jobs and everyday necessities dictate that we must partake in it.

That’s where the many advantages of earthing products come into play. These portable mats allow you to practice earthing while you work away at your desk.

Conversely, you can get an earthing mat for your mattress and enjoy all of the benefits of grounding while you sleep. There are products available for many applications, and I’ll share those with you momentarily so you will know where to find them should you decide to give earthing a try.

But first, you’re likely to want real-world evidence before investing in any earthing products. I felt the same way initially and would like to share my research with you. This will give you a better understanding of grounding and what people just like us experienced after trying it for themselves.


Is There Any Solid Research on Grounding Mats?

At present, there is an unfortunate lack of research regarding the use of an earthing and grounding mat. However, the studies we do have on grounding suggest that there is a link between our living cells and the electric energy conducted through us from the earth or a mat.

Take a smaller study that was held in 2013. Ten healthy adults were chosen to take part in this test. Each participant had conductive carbon straps hooked up to the bare skin on their hands and feet that delivered the same electric charge found in the earth.

They also had detailed measurements of their blood monitored during testing. The results were nothing short of intriguing – and encouraging.

After grounding, the participants’ blood levels showed that fewer red blood cells experienced clumping, suggesting that their cardiovascular health was greatly improved.



Are you ready to try an earthing mat to improve your sleep or health? You don’t have to let your ailments hold you down any longer. Consider trying the energy of the earth to see if it makes a difference in your life. You may just find that it holds the key to restoring your quality of life!

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