Earthing foot pads

Grounding Foot Pads

I’m someone who used to struggle with sleep a lot. I looked online and to my doctor for help, which is where I stumbled upon the idea of earthing. As I looked more into the earthing, I found that there are a lot of products for it, like grounding footpads. If you want to learn …

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How to wash grounding sheets

How to Wash Earthing Sheets

After having used my earthing sheets for some time now to help with my sleep, I have come to learn that they need special care and cleaning to work best. Earthing sheets are designed with special materials inside them that require special washing to make sure their conductive material still maintains its abilities over time. …

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What is an earthing mat?

What Is a Grounding Mat?

After years of struggling with poor sleep and medication that didn’t seem to help, I needed an alternative. Thanks to grounding mats and practicing earthing, I am now content. But what do grounding mats do exactly and are they right for you? Join me as I share my research into the innovative practice called earthing. …

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Do grounding mats work?

Do Earthing Mats Work?

As an insomniac, I was struggling every night. I was constantly stressed out and tired. My friends knew that I was always looking for new ways to get improved sleep. One day, one of them mentioned an earthing mat for me. I was desperate to get more rest since I was having a hard time …

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